Getting started with an electric bike

The electric bicycle is an increasingly popular alternative for getting around town or in the countryside. Unlike conventional bicycles, it offers electric assistance that makes pedaling easier and allows you to cover longer distances without too much effort. However, switching from a traditional bike to an EAB (electrically assisted bicycle) can seem daunting for beginners.

How do you choose the right model? How to use it well? How to maintain it? So many questions that can arise. That's why this page aims to answer all the questions that novices may have about electric bikes. From purchase to use and maintenance, discover all the information you need to start with an electric bike in complete serenity.

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A good grip on the electric bike

To take full advantage of the benefits of an electric bike, it is essential to get the hang of it. This means selecting the right model for your needs and preparing it properly before use.

It is also crucial to become familiar with the features of the electric assist, to adjust the bike's settings and to master smooth starting techniques.

Finally, safety is paramount when using an EAB. By respecting the Highway Code, using appropriate safety equipment and regularly maintaining the bike, cyclists can enjoy all the benefits of this environmentally friendly alternative to the car while ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

Discover the different assistance modes of an EAB

Electrically assisted bicycles are equipped with electric motor technology and sensors that provide pedaling assistance. This assistance can vary depending on the manufacturer, the range chosen and the use made of the EAB. They are equipped with different modes of assistance that allow to fill the wide range of possible uses. The triggering of the electric assistance is subject to an analysis allowing to deliver the right power at the right time.

There are two main principles in the method for identifying the main movement, which is pedaling:strong electric assistance andproportional electric assistance.

These two modes of assistance can then be broken down into several modes of use of this assistance. Some top-of-the-range models, such as the "smart bikes", can offer up to four assistance modes.

Learn how to manage the battery life of an EV

Battery life is a crucial element to consider when using an electrically assisted bicycle. Indeed, even if the EAB allows you to pedal more easily, the battery has a limited life span. To avoid running out of energy in the middle of a trip, it is therefore essential to learn how to manage the battery.

First, it is wise to adjust the electric assistance according to your needs and the nature of the route. It is then recommended to reduce the assistance on the flat portions or in descent to save the battery.

In addition, it is important toadapt your speed to optimize battery life and to ride at a regular speed rather than at variable speeds.

Finally, it is essential to take care of the battery by recharging it regularly and by avoiding leaving the EAB exposed to extreme temperatures.

Learning to shift gears on an eBike

eBikes are equipped with gears that allow you to regulate the power of the electric assistance according to the difficulty of the route or the rider's preferences. It is therefore important to know how to change gears on an electric bike.

Most EABs have a gearing system similar to that of conventional bikes, with levers located on the handlebars. To change gears, you need to operate the shift lever that corresponds to the gear you want to use. It is important to change gears before the slope becomes too difficult, to avoid straining the muscles and the battery, which can reduce the autonomy of the bike.

It is also advisable to reduce speed when approaching a stop, to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the brakes and components of the electric bicycle.

Taking precautions and good habits when riding an EAB

It is important to take certain precautions and adopt good habits for the safe use of the EAB.

First of all, it is recommended to wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall. It is also important to respect the rules of the road and to be aware of other road users.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with the different functions of your bike, including the electric assistance, the brakes, the battery level and the gears.

Finally, it is recommended to regularly maintain your bike by checking:

  • the tire pressure ;
  • the state of the brakes;
  • the proper functioning of the lights.

By taking all these precautions and by getting used to good driving habits, it is possible to take full advantage of your bike in complete safety and peace of mind.

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Adopting an eco-responsible driving style with an electric bike

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular with people who are concerned about protecting the planet and who want to benefit from pedaling assistance.

Indeed, it is possible toadopt an eco-responsible driving in electric bike by adopting certain tricks such as

  • ride with correctly inflated tires ;
  • favouring aerodynamics by adopting an adequate position;
  • switch to eco mode as soon as possible;
  • Opt for active pedaling;
  • ride smoothly;
  • Put as little weight as possible on the bike;
  • Choose a route that is as flat as possible.

By adopting these tips, not only can cyclists maximize their battery life, but they can also extend the life of the battery, thus avoiding frequent replacement, which generates pollution.

Wear personal protective equipment when riding an EV

Bicycle safety is a legal obligation, including for electrically assisted bicycles. EABs are considered bicycles and are subject to the same operating requirements and rules of conduct as regular bicycles. The wearing of certain personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory, such as helmets and high-visibility vests when riding outside built-up areas at night.

Other PPE is recommended, such as a rear view mirror and reflective strips on tires. It is important to protect oneself individually, but also to think beyond the law to anticipate the risks associated with riding an electric bicycle.

Riding an electric bicycle in the rain: some advice

Riding in the rain can present risks for the cyclist and the electric equipment. To minimize these potential dangers, there are a few tips for riding in the rain more serenely. It is important to choose a high-quality, weather-resistant model and to protect the battery from water by placing it in a waterproof case or cover.

In addition, it is essential to adapt your driving to the rain, anticipating obstacles and braking gently several times. Wearing appropriate rain gear and installing safety equipment such as gloves and a helmet with visor are also recommended.

By following these simple tips, cyclists can safely enjoy their electric bike in the rain.

Discover the connected electric bike app

Thanks to its built-in app, the connected electric bike offers features such as geolocation, GPS navigation, real-time performance tracking and digital maintenance.

In addition to being economical and eco-friendly, the connected electric bike offers a more comfortable ride thanks to its silent electric motor and built-in LED display to monitor speed, distance, battery level and more. Therefore, in order to enjoy its benefits, it is necessary to have a good understanding of how the app works.

In conclusion, the electric bike is an ecological and economical alternative to get around town or in the countryside. Getting started with an EAB requires taking into account several elements, such as safety, battery life management and bike maintenance. It is important to become familiar with the various features of the EAB and to take the time to get used to its use. By following the tips and tricks presented on this page, beginners can quickly become seasoned cyclists and enjoy the full benefits of the electric bike. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, don't hesitate to embark on the electric bike adventure!

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