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Angell Rapide

Based on the brand's signature ultra-light, seamless frame, we're bringing you two new models that incorporate all the lessons learned and technical advances achieved through the BMW Group partnership.

Light, agile and easy to handle, they're ideal companions for tackling urban space. Beyond their assertive design, these models offer experienced or novice cyclists, a fluid, pleasant and effortless riding experience. Their exceptional manoeuvrability allows them to navigate with ease, transforming everyday journeys into a pleasant and dynamic experience.

Light and bold.
Rapide Core
The Rapide Core, an "essential" urban bike, stands out for its sleek design and minimalist aesthetic, with an aero logo and white frame contrasting against the matt black fork, wheels and battery.
2.240,00 €
Elegant and sophisticated.
Rapide +
The Angell Rapide + is available in two colours: Onyx Black and Sand Beige. The bikes are fitted with a kickstand, mudguards and chain guard made in France using plastic injection moulding. Our Angell Back guarantee - stolen bike, replaced bike - is also included.
2.740,00 €