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The electric bike revolution

The era of electric mobility is well underway, and at the heart of this revolution, the electric bike is emerging as an innovative response to the challenges of contemporary urban mobility.

Angell electric bicycles embody this breakthrough, combining cutting-edge technology, meticulous design and remarkable performance. Let's delve into the history and impact of these machines that are redefining personal mobility.

Birth and development

The beginnings of electric bikes date back to the late 19ᵉ century, but it's only recently that they've exploded in popularity. This renaissance is due to significant improvements in battery and electric motor technology, enabling the creation of lighter, more powerful and more reliable bikes.

Angell, as a pioneer in this field, has played a key role in defining quality and performance standards for these innovative vehicles.

The electric bike as an urban solution

Modern cities, faced with unprecedented mobility challenges, have found an effective solution in the electric bicycle. It meets a multitude of urban needs: reducing traffic, cutting pollution, and promoting an active lifestyle.

Angell's models, in particular, are designed to blend harmoniously into this environment, offering a fast, environmentally-friendly and enjoyable transportation alternative.

Technological advances

The rise of the electric bike owes much to the rapid evolution of technology. Long-lasting batteries, silent yet powerful motors and intelligent energy management systems are just some of the innovations that have transformed the electric bike from a niche means of transport into an essential choice.

Indeed, Angell builds on these advances to offer e-bikes that exceed expectations in terms of range, power and user-friendliness.

Towards a sustainable future

The global e-bike craze is also a vote for a more sustainable future. Reducing our carbon footprint is more crucial than ever, and electric bikes are a powerful tool in this fight.

Angell bikes, with their eco-friendly construction and energy efficiency, embody this vision of a future where technology and ecology converge.

Reinventing the user experience

Finally, the riding experience on an electric bike is incomparable. Angell has taken this to heart, designing bikes that offer an intuitive user interface and advanced features such as performance tracking, navigation and integrated safety. These aspects make using Angell bikes not only practical but also enjoyable, turning every ride into an experience in its own right.

Benefits of electric bikes

The growing adoption of electric bikes is no accident. These technological gems offer a host of advantages that meet the needs of modern cyclists. Here's why they're gaining ground in our cities and lives.

Ease of pedaling and performance

Electric bikes revolutionize the physical effort associated with cycling. Thanks to electric assistance, steep climbs and long distances become accessible to all. Angell bikes, with their responsive motors, ensure a smooth ride and effortless acceleration, making the ride more enjoyable and less tiring.

Sustainability and reduced environmental impact

Riding an electric bike means choosing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Compared to cars and motorcycles, electric bikes emit a negligible amount of CO2, contributing to a cleaner planet. Angell e-bikes go further, with sustainable materials and eco-conscious manufacturing.

Economy and maintenance

E-bikes represent significant savings over the long term. Fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs and tax incentives available in many countries make them particularly attractive. Angell distinguishes itself by offering bikes designed to minimize wear and optimize longevity, thus guaranteeing a better return on investment.

Versatility and accessibility

Whether for leisure, exercise or commuting, electric bikes can be adapted to a wide range of uses. Angell models, with their different assistance modes and ergonomics designed for comfort, can be used as much for a relaxing getaway as for rush-hour frenzy.

Technology integration

Modern electric bikes often incorporate advanced technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and dedicated apps. Angell takes this integration a step further, offering bikes that sync with your smartphone to deliver a connected experience, from optimized navigations to smart safety systems.

Why choose an Angell electric bike?

Choosing an Angell electric bike means choosing a leader in innovation and design. But what makes Angell bikes such a preferred choice among so many others on the market?

Elegant, customized design

Angell has collaborated with renowned designers to create bikes that are not just means of transport, but true works of art. Their sleek aesthetics and meticulous finishes are eye-catching and style-affirming.

Safe, intuitive riding

Safety is paramount for Angell. Each bike is equipped with innovative lighting systems, high-performance brakes and a user interface that puts safety first. The electric assistance is designed to respond intuitively, ensuring total control of the bike in all circumstances.

State-of-the-art technology

With state-of-the-art electronics, a dedicated application and intelligent features, Angell bikes are at the cutting edge of technology. They feature a digital dashboard, assisted navigation, and even an alarm system to deter thieves.

Ecological commitment

Angell bicycles are the fruit of environmentally-friendly design. The company is committed to sustainable production and offers fully recyclable bikes, minimizing ecological impact across the board.

Outstanding features of Angell bikes

Angell electric bikes don't just meet expectations; they exceed them with features that redefine industry standards. Here are just a few of the attributes that put Angell bikes in a class of their own.

Light and strong

One of the most remarkable aspects of Angell bikes is their aluminum-alloy frame, offering the perfect balance of lightness and strength. This choice of materials means the bikes are easy to maneuver around town, yet able to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Extended range

The freedom offered by an electric bike depends largely on its range. Angell's batteries are designed for maximum autonomy, enabling users to cover longer distances without worrying about recharging.

Integrated navigation system

The integration of an intelligent GPS navigation system in Angell bikes virtually eliminates the risk of getting lost, even in the most unfamiliar cities. This system guides users with precision, enabling them to discover new routes with complete confidence.

Connected features

Every Angell bike is equipped with connected functions, transforming the bike into an intelligent hub. Thanks to the Angell app, cyclists can track their routes, their performance and benefit from an advanced anti-theft system.

Customizable riding experience

Angell understands that every cyclist is unique. That's why their bikes offer a highly customizable riding experience with settings that adapt to personal preferences, from assistance level to braking responsiveness.

Angell's 3 electric bike ranges

At Angell, we know that every cyclist is unique, with different needs and lifestyles. That's why we've created three distinct electric bike ranges: Mini x Angell, Cruisers and Rapide. Each range offers a tailor-made experience that meets precise expectations in terms of design, performance and ergonomics.

Mini x Angell: a collaboration of style and performance

The Mini x Angell range is the result of a prestigious collaboration, combining Mini's iconic aesthetics with Angell's cutting-edge engineering. Offering two exclusive colors - Ocean Wave Green and Vibrant Silver - these bikes are designed for those who don't want to choose between style and functionality. The Ocean Wave Green and Vibrant Silver models embody a perfect fusion of classic design and contemporary innovation, making every ride as visually pleasing as it is mobility-efficient.

Cruisers: comfort and elegance on the move

Cruisers come in two sizes, S and M, to fit every rider perfectly. Designed for long-distance comfort, Cruisers are the ideal companions for relaxed commutes and urban adventures. With a more upright riding posture and meticulous attention to aesthetic detail, Cruisers are the choice for those seeking an electric cycling experience that's as enjoyable as it is stylish.

Rapide: agility for efficiency

The Rapide range, also available in S and M sizes, is designed for fast-paced riders who need an electric bike that can keep up. The dynamic design and advanced technical features of Rapide bikes guarantee exceptional responsiveness and speed, perfect for life in the city. Whether it's weaving through traffic or cutting journey times, the Rapide range offers uncompromising performance.

Exclusive Angell services

At Angell, the customer experience goes beyond the simple purchase of an electric bike; it includes a range of exclusive services designed to guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind. Here's how we personalize the Angell experience for you.

Individualized trial

Before you commit, we offer you the opportunity to fully discover what it means to be an Angell cyclist thanks to a 30-minute individualized trial. Accompanied by one of our passionate ambassadors, you can test the exceptional performance and comfort of Angell bikes in real-life conditions. It's the perfect introduction to your future cycling companion, ensuring that your choice is well informed and perfectly suited to your needs.

Angell Back

We believe so strongly in the safety and quality of our bikes that we're introducing Angell Back, a unique promise of trust. If your Angell bike is stolen, we promise to replace it. This commitment reflects our confidence in the robustness of our bikes' built-in anti-theft system and our dedication to our customers' peace of mind.

Dedicated assistance

Your Angell experience doesn't stop once you're on the road. If you have any questions or problems, our dedicated support team is at your service. Our specialists are not only experts in problem-solving, they're also committed to providing fast, personalized solutions. Whether it's regular maintenance or a specific concern, you can count on assistance that knows your bike and your individual needs.