What is the purpose of the mobile application of a connected electric bike?

The electric bicycle is a means of transportation of the future. It was designed to make life easier for urbanites. Like many everyday objects today, it is also connected. The smart bike is equipped with sensors placed on the bike that collect a lot of data, which are directly sent to the user's smartphone via an application. This information is also available on the touch screen integrated into the bike.

This application is one of the many advantages of the connected electric bike. It has many features and allows the management of the intelligent system that connects the motorization, the battery, the screen and the remote control. The use of a smart bike's application promises to improve the rider's experience. In particular, it is there to allow the bike to adapt to the cyclist and not the other way around. Here is how it can be useful.

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Smart bike mobile application: performance display

The smart bike is connected to the application on which it sends important information in real time. Indeed, it is possible to see :

  • the number of kilometers traveled ;
  • the speed at which you ride;
  • the battery charge level and the remaining autonomy.

The smart bike undoubtedly offers the cyclist an unparalleled driving experience. Thanks to the information that the cyclist collects via his application, it is possible toanalyze his performance and set goals. This feature is particularly useful for training and fitness.

Mobile application of the smart bike: customization of the controls

The application allows you to manage the bike's electric assistance and customize it to suit your use. Indeed, the smart bike offers several programs to adapt to the rider's driving and route. In particular, it offers :

  • a maximum acceleration that takes to 25 km/h with a single pulse. This mode is perfect for urban traffic;
  • an intelligent mode that adjusts to the cyclist's effort and route. This way, the electric assistance helps when the cyclist really needs it - when it climbs, for example - so that he or she doesn't overexert or get too tired;
  • an assistance that aims tosave the bike'sbattery;
  • a mode with which the electric assistance is simply disconnected;
  • a sport mode with which you can enter your objectives in terms of time and calories, and the assistance adapts. This mode is compatible with Strava, the system for calculating and sharing sports information;
  • a navigation mode to follow a route that is displayed on the touch screen.

Thanks to the application, several people can share the same bike. They just need to have an account, to connect before setting off to find their preferred settings.

Smart bike mobile application: geolocation

The smart bike lives up to its name and obviously has GPS functionality. The user simply opens the application on his smartphone, enters the route of his choice, and the directions are sent directly to the touch screen on the bike. It is even possible that a vibration is felt on the side of the handlebars where you have to turn.

By using geolocation and thanks to the application, the smart bike user can follow in real time information such as thepollution index and the weather. By collecting this type of data, the application offers the cyclist the smoothest and most pleasant route possible, taking into account the quality of the air around him. Following this, the cyclist can add a route that he or she has particularly enjoyed to his or her favorite routes.

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Mobile application of the smart bike: a reinforced security

The application has several features to enhance the security of the electric bike.

An alert in case of theft

Fear of theft is one of the reasons why many people do not want to switch to an electric bike. With the connected electric bike app, users can forget about their worry. The smart bike has an intelligent anti-theft system. This system consists of a motion sensor that sends a notification to the user's smartphone when the bike is shaken or moved. Following this notification, the cyclist can choose to trigger sound or visual signals from a distance.

A location function

The smart bike's location system also makes it possible to view the bike's location in real time on the application. It is therefore easier to locate where the smart bike has been parked, or to see where it has landed in case it has been moved.

An alert in case of a fall

The application also has the functionality of fall detector. Thanks to the sensor placed on the bike, a notification is sent to the user's smartphone so that a message is automatically sent to the emergency services or to a contact that he/she has indicated beforehand.

Smart bike mobile application: better maintenance

Just like a conventional bike, the electric bike must be well maintained to stay in good condition. The smart bike application makes it easier to keep your bike in good condition and repair defects in a timely manner. The dashboard found on the app displays for example:

  • the battery status ;
  • the remaining autonomy ;
  • the distance already covered; the next service visit
  • the next maintenance visit ;
  • etc.

The smart bike's software can, for example, detect when there is an electrical or mechanical failure, sending an automatic alert to the cyclist's smartphone, which can act quickly. In addition to alerting the rider when his or her bike needs maintenance, the application can provide information about the bike's health. Good maintenance ensures the longevity of the bike, but also guarantees better safety in everyday life.

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