The electric bike, the best ally for urban mobility?

With the increase of congestion and pollution in the city, but also with the rise of gas prices, it has become essential to adopt new means of urban mobility to reduce all our costs and their impacts, whether in terms of time, investment or environmental.

Faced with these issues, the electric bicycle has been growing in popularity for several years; which of these new forms of urban mobility should we choose? And above all, what place does the electric bicycle occupy?

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The problem of mobility in large cities

It is no longer a secret that travel in large cities is becoming more and more complex, a direct effect of the increase in the number of inhabitants. Faced with this mobility problem, it is becoming essential to find new modes of transportation and vehicles that combine convenience and speed, and to adapt your daily life to your needs towards gentler modes of transportation.

The different means of transportation in cities

Nowadays. There are many ways to get around the city, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. What means are available to us for commuting between home and work or for shopping?

  • Public transportation: spread throughout the cities of France, it remains one of the least expensive means of transportation. Each city offers different means of transportation: bus, tramway, metro, self-service bicycles (electric or classic) and sometimes even boats. They allow thousands of French people every day to get to work. However, the numerous works and occasional problems on the lines remain a major concern, especially in Paris for example;
  • the car: providing complete independence, the car is still widely used, but its use in the city is becoming increasingly complex. Between the increase in the price of gasoline, the various costs to be taken into account (insurance, repairs, parking, etc.), the use of the car no longer appears to be a practical and environmentally friendly means of travel. The use of carpooling or car-sharing services can nevertheless reduce the impact of this type of vehicle in the city and save hundreds of euros per year;
  • Soft means of transportation: bicycles, skates, rollerblades, scooters... are becoming an increasingly popular means of mobility for the French, whether for economic reasons or because they save time. In the small daily urban trips, they remain the best solution. Be careful, however, to choose your mode of transportation carefully to ensure your safety. It is obviously much easier to ride a bike than a skateboard or scooter;
  • VTC and cabs: to move quickly and safely, VTC and cabs offer a quality service. But this mode of transport represents a daily cost which prevents its daily use.

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The electric bike: a solution for everyone

There are as many types of electric bikes as there are uses. Whatever the need and the profile of the user, finding the right model is possible.

The advantages of using an electric bicycle

Whatever your age, the use of an EAB (electrically assisted bicycle) allows you to travel independently, regardless of your age and physical condition. From an environmental point of view, being equipped with a battery, they allow you to travel without emitting polluting emissions and also represent a very low cost of use on a daily basis. Equipped with a battery to run a motor, electric bikes have a range that varies according to the model, making them an advantageous choice for everyday urban travel.

The different models of EAB

Nowadays, many models of EAB exist, leaving you the choice according to your needs and the framework of its use. Among which :

  • the electric city bike: an electric version of the classic city bike model, it allows travel over medium to short distances and offers a more comfortable posture thanks to its upright riding position. They are lighter and easier to carry than heavier bikes (such as mountain bikes or cargo bikes), but their wheels are optimized for use on flat roads in good condition. In terms of speed and range, this type of model is generally limited to 25 km/h and offers an average range of up to 50 km. A vehicle that combines power and safety. In addition, the premium for the purchase of electric bikes offered by the government subsidizes a wide range of electric bikes of this type of model;
  • Folding electric bicycles: Folding electric bicycles are a great ally for daily commuting and very practical if you use different means of transportation. Most transportation services in France do not allow bicycles on board, especially during rush hour, so the folding bike appears to be the solution if you need to combine bus and bike for example. However, these electric bikes usually have a shorter autonomy than the others, compensated by a shorter recharging cycle;
  • the electric VTC: these models of bikes are today the most popular on the market, being the perfect alliance between city bike and mountain bike, its use is therefore not limited to an urban context and can make short or long trips. A strong point if you like to ride outside the city while having the serenity of a reliable bike for your daily trips in town;
  • electric cargo bikes: one of the major arguments about the disadvantage of a bike is the transport, because indeed, there is no trunk in a bike. This was without counting on the electric cargo bike, whether it is a three-wheeler or a two-wheeler, its emergence on the market makes it possible to take advantage of a soft means of locomotion while having the possibility of bringing back one's groceries or taking the children to school. These models of bicycles have an autonomy varying from 40 to 70 km according to the manufacturers;
  • The electric mountain bike: this type of model allows you to ride longer distances and on roads that are not as well maintained as the classic mountain bike. It has great power, especially in terms of autonomy (up to 90 km). As for the speed, they are usually bridled, but may not be. As for the purchase price, offering a superior quality and versatility that the other types of bikes do not offer, it will be necessary to spend a few hundred euros more.

The VAE: versatile, powerful and reliable

The versatility of the VAE is not to be demonstrated anymore. The question of the cost at the purchase which can appear expensive (approximately 2000 to 3000 € at the purchase) is very quickly compensated when one amortizes the cost over five years compared to all other motorized vehicles, particularly the car. For example, the average recharge cycle is estimated at 500 kWh for 70 km per cycle, so the 35,000 km will cost you only 12.20 €...

Much cheaper than a car. You will therefore save on many different levels: parking, insurance, gasoline, travel time... Regarding the concern about theft, many high quality locks now exist on the market, some of which even offer reimbursement of your bike in case of theft.

If you too want to save time, money and do good to the planet and your body, you know what you have to do!

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