Improve your performance by choosing an eBike

Transportation is one of the most connected sectors and the bicycle industry is no exception. Currently, we are hearing more and more about smart bikes, the intelligent electrically assisted bicycle that is revolutionizing the practice of this sport. If the eBike appeals to fans of electrically assisted bicycles looking for more features, it also favors athletes.

Indeed, thanks to its various driving programs, the great comfort it provides and its reinforced safety, the smart bike offers the cyclist the possibility to maximize his training. The connectivity and the embedded intelligence allow him to increase his efficiency tenfold during each sport session. Why choose the smart bike to boost your performance? Answers through the following lines.

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Smart bike: the smart and connected electric bike

A smart bike is a connected electric bike that offers an innovative mobility experience. Thanks to its connectivity, it offers greater safety, time savings, comfort and convenience.

The smart electric bike is more than just a bike with a motor and a battery. It is connected and has a whole intelligent system (mobile application, control screen, etc.) that promotes cycling. It has technical and aesthetic components that personalize the user's experience and increase their enjoyment of each exercise.

Its battery and motor are also extremely powerful. Particularly adapted to urban environments, the smart bike is also the ally of the sportsman who wants to seek maximum performance at each sports session.

Increase your performance and gain power with every workout thanks to the smart bike

Equipping yourself with a smart bike can allow cyclists to maximize their cycling performance. Indeed, this connected eBike has multiple functions never seen before on traditional cycles.

More safety in the saddle: the cyclist focuses solely on his or her route and pace

One of the first advantages of the smart bike is that it offers much more safety to the cyclist during his workouts. It is not uncommon for it to be equipped with turn signals, for example, hyperbolic lights or accessories capable of contacting the emergency services in the event of a serious fall by the user.

All these elements tend to reassure the sportsman. The latter can then envisage his outings serenely by focusing solely on his practice. The turn signals allow him to avoid any collision with other users. The hyperbolic lights allow him to see and be seen in case of a sport session at dawn or in the evening. Finally, knowing that the bike is capable of triggering emergency response in the event of an accident is also a real plus for people who want to focus solely on their performance during the ride.

Some smart bikes are even equipped with a lighting system that can display symbols on the ground. The cyclist knows, for example, when the ground is wet or icy and can adapt his speed accordingly. Others are equipped with GPS systems that allow users to be ideally guided during their excursions. Finally, some smart bikes are equipped with vibrating handles that tell the rider where and when to turn right or left. This is another feature that allows the rider to keep his or her full attention solely on the route and pace.

Different riding programs to maximize your training

The smart bike is generally equipped with several riding programs that allow the cyclist to get out of his comfort zone and work on intensity. In the vast majority of cases, the rider can choose to activate the sports program to set a time target, for example. This program will also allow him to calculate the number of calories burned during his sports session.

The smart bike also offers different assistance modes depending on the level of each person. For example, a cyclist who wants to work out as much as possible can choose to engage a light assistance mode. On the other hand, if you're looking to recover, you can opt for a more powerful assistance mode to allow your legs to relax while you pedal. The intelligent mode adjusts the assistance to the effort generated and the route to be covered. Finally, if the athlete wishes to conserve his battery, he can choose the economic mode.

A better weight/performance ratio and a battery with more power for efficient work

Despite its connected handlebars, its powerful motor and its turn signals, the smart bike remains relatively light. The average weight of the best bikes on the market is a little over ten kilos. Having a light bike is ideal for the cyclist looking for better performance. Indeed, the less weight he has to pull, the faster he can go. Slopes can also be climbed with greater ease.

The eBike, when it is light, is more lively, more nervous. The rider can accelerate and then return to his initial speed with more ease and without any resistance. It is also easier to handle. If the route has many curves, the smart bike will also be able to tackle them with more ease.

Finally, the smart bike often has a very powerful battery, which can last up to 70 kilometers. In other words, the cyclist can make long trips without having to worry about recharging the battery along the way.

Excellent information tracking thanks to the application and the connected handlebars: distance covered, altitude difference, speed

The smart bike is often equipped with a touch screen installed on the handlebars and a dedicated application. These provide the cyclist with a lot of relevant information:

  • distance covered ;
  • duration of the session ;
  • elevation gain;
  • battery status ;
  • speed, etc.

At a glance, he can adapt his riding to reach the objectives he has set. All this, without wasting time. And for good reason! With a traditional bike, you would have had to find a place to stop, take your cell phone out of your bag to check your data. Some watches also provide this information. However, it is not always comfortable to take one hand off the handlebars and consult your information while riding. With the smart bike, these constraints no longer exist. The cyclist keeps his speed, continues to pedal and has access to the requested information simply by lowering his head carefully for a few seconds.

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Greater comfort on the road when using the electric bike

The smart bike is often designed. Its lines are clean and its colors generally elegant. In addition, it generally offers more comfort. This is certainly due to the touch screen, the lights fixed to the front or rear, the indicators, but also to the ergonomic saddle it has.

Ideally installed, the cyclist can ride several tens of kilometers without ever feeling discomfort. With this constraint out of the way, he can pedal for even longer, focusing solely on his objectives. A comfortable saddle also avoids multiple stops to readjust your position or to replace the saddle cover, for example.

Other eBike features

Note that in addition to all these functions that allow the cyclist to improve his performance, the smart bike has other assets. In this case, it is equipped with a GPS tracker capable of locating the bike at any time. This is ideal in case of theft. As for the alarm, it sounds as soon as someone other than the owner uses the bike. Again, this function is ideal to limit the risk of burglary.

Another advantage of the smart bike is that in some cases it has an automatic locking and unlocking system with a PIN code. In other words, only the owner of the smart bike can use it. Finally, the touch screen also allows for various adjustments that improve the comfort or speed of the user.

With all these digital features, the smart bike is a great asset for cyclists who want to maximize their sports performance. These on-board technologies also offer the possibility of highly secure rides. What to maximize its pleasure thanks to a manageable and pleasant machine while being concentrated on the objectives to be reached.

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