How to choose a connected electric bike according to its use?

The market for connected electric bicycles has been growing steadily for several years, so that the available offer has expanded considerably. It is now possible to choose a connected electric bike according to the main use that will be made of it.

However, it remains to be defined which type and model of EAB is the most suitable for use in the city, on the road or on rough terrain and paths. Indeed, the characteristics of the connected electric bikes can be suitable for a practice, but can be less effective for another.

We therefore propose an overview of the right questions to ask yourself before buying a connected electric bike for a particular use.

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Determine your needs and intentions of use

To determine the type of connected electric bike that corresponds to your needs, it is essential to think about the main use for which it is intended. It is also important not to neglect secondary uses, because a large proportion of EAB users, seduced by the daily experience, eventually extend their use to other types of trips and routes than those initially imagined.

The answers to the following questions are crucial to making the right choice:

  • what will be the main use of the electric bicycle (city, road, all-terrain)?
  • what are the characteristics of the most frequent routes (distance, flat roads or many differences in altitude)?
  • what is your morphology (height) ?
  • what is your preferred riding position (straight, relaxed, sporty)?
  • what are the essential accessories (bag holder, mudguard, kickstand, front basket) ?
  • what is your price range?

These questions do not require extensive technical knowledge of the world of connected electric bikes, but serve as a guide to finding the type and model of EAB whose components (frame, motor, battery, transmission and gearing system) form the best possible choice.

A connected electric bike for the city

Connected electric bikes are most popular in the city. The success of EABs in urban areas is due to their ability to meet the needs of practical, ecological and affordable mobility.

The electric motor and the battery

Urban trips are characterized by frequent stops, restarts and changes of direction. Therefore, the first thing to consider is the type of motor. For optimal comfort in the city, it may be advisable to opt for a motor with 250 W of power, ideally located in the hub of the rear wheel.

With such a configuration, the electrically assisted bicycle offers smooth driveability by automatically adapting the power of the electric assistance level. Moreover, when the gearing system is integrated into the rear wheel hub, the EAB is always in the right gear. Such a transmission system also makes it possible to change gears while stationary, which is not possible with a conventional external derailleur.

Without going so far as to say that all models of batteries for EABs are equal, we can nevertheless affirm that the electric batteries supplied by many brands have sufficient autonomy to ensure daily urban trips. Moreover, by choosing an EAB with a removable battery that can be fully recharged in about 2 hours, the comfort of use is optimal.

The motor and the electric battery are the two elements that add weight to electric bikes, weight that influences the autonomy of the battery and the comfort of use. The average weight of an EAB is now 25 kg, although it is possible to find EABs that weigh less than 20 kg.

The size and shape of the frame

The size of the frame determines its adaptation to the cyclist. It is therefore essential to choose a model that fits the rider's body type. If you buy online, you must look in detail at the description of the models of EAB, which must indicate the size of the users for whom it is intended in priority. The best solution is to test the bike, an option that is increasingly offered by manufacturers and retailers.

The shape of the frame is also important, as it affects the position and posture of the cyclist. This can be straight, relaxed (slightly forward) or sporty (strongly forward). The shape of the frame also changes the way you ride the bike, depending on the orientation of the horizontal bar of the frame.

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Accessories and safety equipment

When riding a bike in the city, there is usually a need for accessories such as a kickstand, a bag holder or a front basket. These accessories can be included in the purchase price of an electric bicycle or be options to be added to the initial price.

The quality of the comfort of use of an EAB in the city also depends on efficient safety equipment, some of which are mandatory, such as lighting. There are now particularly well-equipped models on the market, with parking lights, brake lights and flashing lights.

Connected electric bicycles are at the cutting edge of safety, with anintegrated screen displaying multiple information( GPSguidance, speed or distance traveled). They are also equipped with an anti-theft device or permanent geolocation.

A sporty bike for the road

To have a VAE adapted to a sporting practice on road, the key points are the weight of the bicycle and the torque of the engine, engine which must answer present, whatever the power and the cadence of pedalling of its user.

Road cycling can also be done with a versatile electric bike, which is equally at ease in the city and outside of built-up areas. It is then recommended to choose a light model equipped with an agile and flexible motor.

The electrically assisted mountain bike

For riding on country roads or mountain trails, it is difficult to consider any other choice than an electrically assisted mountain bike. With large wheels, wide tires, a reinforced brake system and suspension, the VVT can go anywhere and tackle any terrain.

The motor must be economical while offering good power assistance when needed. It is also preferable to choose a model with a manual gearing system, working on the principle of a classic derailleur, mechanical or electric.

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