How to choose the ideal smart bike for your profile?

Smart bikes - or connected electric bikes - are growing in popularity. There are a multitude of different smart bikes. From folding options to mountain bikes. Just like regular bikes and classic electric bikes, there are options for just about every style of riding. Manufacturers are constantly developing lighter, longer-lasting batteries with greater range; new features are emerging. So how do you choose a connected electric bike? The important thing is that the bike is adapted to the user's profile. Here are some explanations.

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Smart bike, an improved experience thanks to connectivity

Before giving some hints on how to choose a connected electric bike according to the user's profile, it seems important to recall what exactly a smart bike is. In addition to being equipped with a motor and a rechargeable battery to assist the cyclist when pedaling, it is also equipped with smart features. Thanks to this system, it collects data and various information that it transmits to the user via an integrated touch screen or a mobile application, on which the cyclist can also control all functions.

Choose a smart bike adapted to your morphology

The user's morphology is an essential characteristic to consider when choosing a connected electric bike.

A connected electric bike that is not adapted will lose performance

If the bike's performance and battery life are essential, the weight and size of the bike are also important. These are features that must be taken into account to ensure that the bike is adapted to the user's profile and that the user has the most comfortable riding experience possible.

If the weight and size of the frame is not adapted to the user's weight, the electric bike will lose performance. The battery is already heavy, with an average weight of 2.5 kg. The heavier the bike, the more energy the battery consumes, which has a direct impact on its autonomy. The loss of performance of the bike is therefore a risk, but it is not the only one. If the smart bike can not support its weight, the user will have a bad position, which can affect its health and safety.

The difference between the connected electric bike for men and women

If smart bikes, like all electric bikes and classic bikes, are categorized as "male" or "female", it is not for nothing. Indeed, the difference between men's and women's models lies mainly in the morphology of the bikes. The women's models have :

  • a smaller frame for female busts that are generally shorter ;
  • a saddle adapted to the female pelvis;
  • a handlebar and brakes closer to the female hands which are generally smaller.

This categorization is there to guide consumers and make their selection easier, but it is not impossible to choose a connected electric bike with the opposite gender label. The important thing is that the user can enjoy the best comfort. That is why it is always advisable to try out your connected electric bike before making the purchase. In addition, there are of course models specially designed for children.

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Choosing a smart bike according to your practice

The second step in finding the ideal connected electric bike is to determine the type of use you will make of it most often. The user must consider the type of terrain on which he will ride and the features he will need.

The different types of terrain

Just like traditional bikes, the different types of electric bikes are designed for different types of riding, particularly mountain biking, city riding, commuting and road riding.

For use in urban areas, it can be a flat city or a hilly city. In the first case, a connected electric bike with sufficient range and a battery that can be easily recharged is sufficient. In a hilly city, you need to pay more attention to the bike's build and its motor, since it must be able to cope with slopes and false flats. In this case, the all-terrain or off-road smart bike models are recommended. If the user uses his or her connected electric bike in addition to the train, subway or bus - to go to work, for example - he or she will prefer a folding smart bike model.

As far as use in rural areas is concerned, we find driving :

  • in the countryside and in the forest, the all-terrain smart bike will be able to tackle trails and dirt more easily;
  • in the mountains, the all-terrain smart bike will be better able to overcome obstacles thanks to wheels, suspensions and an adapted frame;
  • on long distance road trips, the road smart bike is recommended. It is light, offers good aerodynamics and good engine power.

Be careful to check that the battery has enough autonomy to last the desired distance, especially on long distance trips.

The importance of the motor location

It is advisable to avoid smart bikes where the motor is placed in the front wheel of the bike. While they may be suitable for use in the city, they do not offer sufficient stability andgrip on rougher roads. The same goes for a motor placed in the rear wheel: it makes the effort more difficult on climbs. For people who want to use their connected electric bike on off-road, it is then advisable to choose a bike with the motor placed in the crankset. This is generally what manufacturers of high-end connected electric bikes offer today.

The available functionalities

Depending on his practice, a user can be more or less demanding with regard to the functionalities available on the connected electric bike. He might need:

  • an intelligent anti-theft system for use in the city. Some brands offer connected electric bikes with a motion detector and an alarm system that can be triggered remotely;
  • a navigation feature for long, non-daily trips. This functionality also allows for route planning.

In addition, the screen on the connected electric bike is not always the same size. This can also be a criterion for choice. Users who need navigation will surely prefer a larger screen. On the contrary, users who just need to view data such as speed, riding mode and battery life may be satisfied with a small screen.

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