Buying an electric bike: when should you buy one?

The electric bicycle, or electrically assisted bicycle (EAB), has become an increasingly popular means of transportation in recent years. It must be said that it offers many advantages, starting with the reduction of CO₂ emissions, considerable time savings on daily trips and better urban mobility. For all that, it remains a significant investment, even if there are many financial aids. So, how do we know if buying an electric bike can be useful for us? When should you buy a VAE or eBike?

To help you decide, let's look at the different occasions when an electric bike can be particularly beneficial, as well as the criteria to consider for each of these occasions. Whether you want to commute to work, travel long distances, or just enjoy an outdoor activity, there's an electric bike to suit your needs.

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An electric bike for commuting

One of the main occasions for which an electric bike can obviously be useful is the commute to work. Indeed, an E-Bike allows you to move quickly and effortlessly, avoiding the fatigue and perspiration often associated with traditional cycling. Moreover, it contributes to the reduction of your carbon footprint and limits the use of public transport or cars.

However, to choose an electric bike adapted to your commute, it is important to take into account several criteria, such as autonomy, motor power, weight and size of the bike. The autonomy must be sufficient to cover the total distance of your journey, while the power of the motor must allow you to overcome the possible hills and slopes. Finally, the weight and the size of the bike are essential to facilitate the transport and the storage of the EAB.

Riding an EAB for long distances

Electric bikes are also ideal for long distances, for example for leisure and tourism. They allow you to ride without forcing yourself, while enjoying the landscape and the fresh air. Electric mountain bikes can accompany you on mountain hikes or rides on rough trails. Electric trekking bikes are perfect for long road trips.

Choosing an electric bike for your leisure time implies taking into account the technical characteristics of the EAB (autonomy, motor power, quality of the components), but also the level of comfort. The latter should even be a priority, especially in terms of riding position and seat quality. Finally, opt for a bike equipped with a luggage rack and a mudguard to facilitate the transport of your belongings and protect you from water and mud projections.

Choosing an eBike for sports and physical activity

An electric bike can of course be a great way to combine travel and physical activity. Thanks to its different levels of assistance, the eBike allows you to adapt the effort provided according to your sports objectives and your physical condition. Thus, you can use the electric bike to train, improve your endurance or simply enjoy a ride in the open air.

To choose an electric bike adapted to your sporting objectives, opt for a model offering several levels of assistance and sufficient autonomy for your training sessions. In addition, the quality of the components (brakes, suspension, transmission) and the comfort of the bike are important to ensure an enjoyable sport experience. Don't forget to equip your bike with a speedometer and a heart rate monitor to follow your performance and your progress.

An EAB for urban mobility

Electric bicycles are obviously the ideal solution to improve urban mobility and facilitate travel in the city. Thanks to their electric assistance, they allow you to get around quickly, while avoiding traffic jams and parking problems often encountered in urban areas. Moreover, EVs are a real ecological alternative to public transport and cars, as they contribute to the reduction of pollution and noise pollution.

For your trips in the city, prefer folding or compact electric bikes, which are much easier to transport and store in small spaces. You should also choose a model with a range adapted to your daily needs and a motor powerful enough to cope with any slopes or hills on your way. In addition, a lighting system and efficient brakes are essential to guarantee your safety, especially in urban areas.

An electric bike for the elderly or people with reduced mobility

Contrary to popular belief, electric bicycles are also suitable for the needs of the elderly or certain people with reduced mobility. They can indeed help them maintain their autonomy and facilitate their travel. Thanks to the electric assistance, the EAB allows to pedal without really forcing, which relieves the joints and the muscles.

Of course, not all elderly people or people with reduced mobility are concerned. Access to an electric bike obviously requires a minimum of physical ability.

If you choose an electric bicycle for an elderly person or a person with reduced mobility, always choose a model with a low frame, to facilitate striding, as well as a comfortable saddle and an ergonomic riding position. In addition, consider a bike with progressive assistance and a quiet motor for optimal riding comfort. Finally, make sure that the bike is equipped with adequate brakes and a good lighting system to guarantee the safety of the cyclist.

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Favouring the EAB for families and group outings

Electric bicycles are particularly suitable for family outings or outings with friends, as they allow everyone to enjoy a convivial experience, regardless of their level of fitness. Thanks to the electric assistance, the differences in level between the participants are compensated, allowing the whole group to ride together without leaving anyone behind.

When choosing your electric bike for family or group outings, make sure you choose models that are adapted to the needs of each member. This includes taking into account the age, size and preferences of each member. For families with young children, electric bikes equipped with child seats are ideal for carrying the little ones safely. Also, don't forget safety and comfort accessories, such as helmets, reflective vests and bells.

Buy an electric bike as a gift

Giving an electric bike as a gift is an excellent idea to please a loved one, while encouraging them to adopt an ecological and healthy mode of transportation. To choose the right model, however, it is important to take into account the needs and preferences of the recipient, as well as the intended use (commuting, leisure, urban mobility, etc.).

You should also look for an electric bike with a warranty and good after-sales service, and find out which brands and models are best suited to your budget and your loved one's expectations. This step is all the more important as there are many different types of electric bikes on the market. Don't hesitate to ask an electric bike professional for advice or to consult online reviews to help you make your choice.

Be careful though, because beyond the electric bike itself, you should also think about the accessories and safety equipment that could be missing from the recipient. Among them, we can mention for example:

  • the helmet ;
  • the anti-theft device ;
  • the gloves ;
  • protective glasses;
  • Reflectors.

These will not only contribute to the safety of the cyclist, but also to his comfort and to the durability of his EAB.

You will have understood that electric bikes can be adapted to many occasions. Thanks to it, you can go to work, practice a sport activity, facilitate your trips in town or offer a gift to a loved one. In any case, it is important to choose the right model and equipment, depending on your needs and expectations. The goal is obviously to guarantee a pleasant and safe experience.

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