How to choose an electric bike for women?

Are you looking for an electric bike for women, but you don't know which one to choose? First of all, you should know that the acquisition of an electric bike deserves some thought. Before making your choice, you should ask yourself the right questions.

Which electric bike should you choose according to your profile? Which model to choose according to the type of use? What design should I choose? How much autonomy do you need to travel? What budget should you spend on it? Once you have the answers to these questions, analyzing price and performance comparisons can help you make the right choice. There are several ranges of electrically assisted bicycles and the price of such a vehicle is high. It is therefore essential to take the time to search, compare and try in order not to regret your purchase. And for good reason, the bike adapts to the user and not the other way around. What is a woman's bike? Which bike to choose according to your morphology? What type of bike should I choose according to my needs? What are the characteristics of a bicycle for women? Here are some answers.

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What is the difference between a woman's electric bike and a bicycle?

When we refer to electric bikes for women, it is in no way to gender the product. A bike for women can be perfectly suitable for a man and vice versa. However, it should be said that the morphology of women and men is different.

Over time and through use, it has become apparent that a frame with a lower center bar is more suitable for women. The same goes for the saddle, which is wider and shorter than a man's saddle to provide comfort for the form. There are also unisex electric bikes and saddles.

Which electric bike to choose according to its use?

More than just a way to get around, electric or electrically-assisted bicycles offer many possibilities and advantages. Price, weight, battery life, motor performance, etc. are important parameters to choose according to the type of use. And for good reason, there are as many cyclists as there are possible uses. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different uses:

  • daily commuting in urban areas;
  • means of transportation on the outskirts of large cities or in the countryside (requires good autonomy and adapted tires);
  • multipurpose use (home/work commute, Sunday ride, outings in the countryside, etc.);
  • sport use (selection criteria: optimal speed, mountain biking, etc.);
  • daily use on uneven roads (influences the importance of having a large autonomy and the purchase of a light vehicle).

How to adapt the electric bike to its user?

Bikes must imperatively correspond to the physical characteristics of their owner (height, weight, leg length, etc.). Opting for a bike that is adapted to one's morphology has a direct influence on the comfort of use. Indeed, the use of an unsuitable bicycle for women causes a number of problems (back pain, etc.). In addition, an electric bicycle that is too large can be dangerous (unbalanced, unsafe, etc.), just as a model that is too small affects the (poor) posture adopted during travel.

The different standard sizes

Faced with the need to offer electric bicycles that fit the weight and morphology of users, manufacturers offer different sizes of EABs, multiple models and different ranges.

To help customers make the right choice, products are listed by frame size as follows: XS, S, M or L, but also by size range. Here is what model to choose according to your stature:

  • 49 cm (XS) for people from 1m61 to 1m67 ;
  • 52 cm (S) for people from 1m68 to 1m73 ;
  • 54 cm (M) for people from 1m74 to 1m79 ;
  • 56 cm (L) for people from 1m80 to 1m85.

In addition to the importance of selecting the right size electric bike, it is also important to consider the weight of the bike. The average weight of a smart bike or an EAB is between 13 and 18 kg. Equipped with a motor and a battery, the electric bike is consequently heavier than a classic model. In fact, travel is quick and easy if and only if the battery is fully charged. In fact, without a battery, riding an electric bike weighing around 15 kg on a sloping road will require more effort.

The right bike for every profile

Once the choice of size and weight has been made, the need for a high-performance battery or a connected electric bike differs according to your needs.

Opting for a model equipped with a long-life battery is not a requirement. It is highly recommended for cyclists who travel long distances, but it is of no use for short trips. Indeed, there is no need to increase the weight of the vehicle with the presence of a high capacity battery.

The electric bike is also available as a connected model or smart bike. This type of vehicle offers cyclists a multitude of advantages (comfort, safety, performance) and is particularly useful for anyone wishing to track their activity (distance travelled, calories burned, etc.).

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What are the characteristics of an electric bike for women?

The models offered to women differ in several ways.

The frame

Designed to offer an ideal posture and to guarantee a certain comfort whether wearing a dress, skirt or pants, the low frame is the first characteristic of an electric bike for women. The latter is also known under the following names:

  • the swan neck ;
  • the V-frame;
  • the trapezoidal frame.

A more aesthetic design

Although everyone's tastes are different and totally subjective, we can see that electric bikes for women are more elegant.

Thus, women's EABs come in different forms:

  • vintage ;
  • city ;
  • retro ;
  • etc.

In response to the multiple uses, it also comes in several types:

  • the mountain bike;
  • the folding electric bike (practical and light) ;
  • the VTC (for multipurpose use);
  • the cargo bike (ideal for women or couples with children);
  • the speed bike ;
  • the electric mini-bike also called the electric wheelchair.

The acquisition of an electric bike is above all a personal matter. However, the speed, size, wheels, motor or battery affect the safety and comfort of cyclists. With this guide, it is easy to choose the ideal electric bike for women. When a vehicle meets all the selection criteria, it is nevertheless essential to try it out before buying it. This is the perfect opportunity to check that the seat, weight, size and performance are suitable.

Finally, there are government grants and subsidies to encourage the French to limit the use of private cars in the city.

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