Pair of Angell M mudguards

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Angell's wooden fenders, front and rear, effectively protect you from mud chips and other projectiles.

Technical properties

  • Composition: glued laminated oak + steel fasteners provided
  • Dimensions: 5 mm thick, 3.5 cm wide Satin varnish and water resistant Compatible with Angell 700 (28") wheels
  • Weight (including packaging): 1kg

This pair of wooden mudguards will effectively protect you from shards of mud and other projectiles. 

Only compatible with Angell M Rapide!


  • Dimensions: 45mm x 6mm
  • Metal parts composition: 100% stainless steel
  • Wooden parts composition: moulded wood with inner layers of beech and outer layers of oak
  • Weight: 740g
  • Made in France

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