MINI E-Bike 1 - Ocean Wave Green (Limited Edition)

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A limited and numbered edition, available worldwide in 1959 units

The MINI E-Bike 1 Ocean Wave Green has been designed for safe city riding in style. An eco-friendly design and accessories to suit, ensure a fluid travel experience. Intelligent technology guarantees your safety and comfort. A digital ecosystem allows you to adjust your preferences and communicate with your bike, via it's integrated cockpit or your smartphone.

Two different frames - one unique ride
2 frame configurations are available: 

  • M, featuring a high frame, ideal for taller riders.
  • S, with a low frame for easy access.

Bike delivery : 4 to 5 weeks.

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Safe exploration

Our priority is to keep you and your MINI E-Bike 1 safe and secure. That's why it's equipped with a front light, brake lights and integrated indicators, so you can see better and be seen better. It also has an audible and visual alarm that acts as a deterrent, as well as a two-year replacement warranty in case of theft.

Lightweight exploration

With a weight of 17 kg (S frame) and 17.5kg (M frame), the MINI E-Bike 1 stands out as one of the lightest e-bikes in its field. This ensures maximum control and manoeuvrability, promoting a dynamic riding experience and complements the renowned intuitive handling of MINI vehicles.

Stylish exploration

The MINI E-Bike 1 design concentrates the best of French and English industrial craftsmanship. The result is an object of desire with clean lines and an expert combination of robustness, aesthetics and performance. Both the saddle and handles are handcrafted by Brooks England. In addition, the MINI E-Bike 1 offers a comprehensive array of equipment, including mudguards and chain guards, designed to ensure optimal comfort, performance, and safety.

Connected exploration

More than just an electric bike, the MINI E-Bike 1 is a connected ride. A touch screen on the cockpit, geo-location, easy unlocking from your smartphone or Apple Watch, and more, it goes beyond your expectations. Set out on your desired path, the MINI E-Bike 1 will take care of the rest.

The S frame weighs 17kg (battery included). It is ideal for users between 160cm and 180cm.
The M frame weighs 17.5kg (battery included). It is ideal for users between 170cm and 190cm.

Seamless aluminum frame - Carbon fork - 250W motor in the rear hub. 
Wheels & tyre: 650 x 42B I 27,5'' - Aluminium alloy wheels - Stainless steel spokes. Saddle & Handlebar grips by Brooks England. 
Chain Drive, Development 42 x 16". 
Practical aspects: crutch, front and rear mudguards, injected thermoplastic chain guard.

Cockpit has a high-visibility touch screen - Unlock feature from smartphone, Apple Watch or PIN code - Geolocation - Customizable comodos functions- Configurable GPS navigation via your smartphone. 
All integrated digital features of the MINI E-Bike 1 are easy to access and modify via a constantly evolving mobile application.

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