Evolution Kryptoflex anti-theft device

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Because the security of your bike is one of our priorities, we recommend the Kryptonite brand and its Evolution series U-shaped anti-theft device. It is extremely resistant and easily transportable thanks to its Flexframe-U attachment. The included Kryptoflex cable will also allow you to secure the rear wheel on which the motor is located.

Technical specifications:

  • Fixation included - KryptoFlex cable™ 4 inches (10,16 cm).
  • Weight: 1.61kg

The customer service of the brand allows it to distinguish itself from the competition: the ATPO offer to guarantee you against theft and the Key Safe program to recover a key in case of loss.

As the security of your bike is a main priority for us, we recommend the brand Kryptonite and its Evolution series U-lock. It can be easily transported thanks to its Flexframe-U bracket on the seat post tube or simply in a bag, it is also easy to install and is extremely resistant due to its construction in hardened steel.  Kryptoflex cable included. 

  • 3 STAINLESS STEEL KEYS — with the new design and one KEY WITH A REPLACEABLE LED.
  • Includes a 4 inch (10.16cm) double loop KryptoFlex™ cable to secure the front wheel or the accessories.
  • Weight: 1,61 kg

The brand's customer service allows it to stand out from the competition with 2 essential offers:

  • ATPO offer: guarantee against theft
  • Key Safe program: recovery of a key in case of loss.

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