How to choose an electric bike for men

When you are interested in buying an electrically assisted bicycle (EAB), it is important to ask yourself the right questions to guide your purchase and not regret it. For example, you can ask yourself: which electric bike to choose according to your profile? Which electric bicycle to choose according to the projected use? What price should you pay for such a bike, etc.?

We are going to define together the important criteria to answer in order to make the right choice according to what you want and what exists on the market of electrically assisted bicycles (EAB) for men. First, we will try to define the criteria related to the user and then (in a second step), find the type and model of bike that best fits.

It is essential to always start from the user in order to define the qualities that the electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) must have, because it is the bicycle that must adapt to the user and not the other way around.

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What the user expects from an electrically assisted bicycle

Electric or electrically assisted bicycles (EAB) are only tools used by the cyclist who uses the bicycle to get around, practice a sport, etc. The future use of the bike will be paramount in the orientation of the purchase among the different models that exist. In addition to this, the characteristics of the user (height, weight, health, etc.) will refine the purchase and the choice of the electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) model.

Choose by specifying the use

This is the first point to specify. The future owner must already define the use that will be made of the electrically assisted bicycle:

  • daily trips on the road, but close to home/work ;
  • trips in the city center or in the countryside (which affects the frame, tires, etc.);
  • distant trips (e.g. from the outskirts of town to the city center), which implies more autonomy and battery power;
  • use for sport, such as mountain biking (intensive use or not);
  • versatility of use (commuting to work during the week and family rides on the weekend, for example);
  • etc.

There are as many possible uses as there are users of electrically assisted bicycles. It is therefore up to each individual to know what he or she wants from his or her electrically assisted bicycle. It is important not to get stuck in a too committed pattern. The initial intended use may change overtime.

For example, a man who is looking to orient his purchase towards a project of intense sports practice may be able to practice less sports than initially planned and instead go for a bike ride with his family. An electrically-assisted mountain bike (e-bike) that allows for a less committed sport will perhaps be preferred (smaller tires, less engine power but better autonomy, less technical frame, etc.).

The intrinsic characteristics of the user

A bicycle must meet the characteristics of the user. A child's bike or even a teenager's bike will not be suitable for an adult man. Although this seems obvious, the quality of action and comfort of the cyclist depends directly on it, as well as his health. For example, a bicycle for adults that is not big enough for the frame or the wheels (dimensions often expressed in inches) can be used, but at the risk of causing back pain and/or knee and neck pain.

Any professional will be able to assist the customer who wishes to acquire an electrically assisted bicycle. Electric bikes are generally sized (frame, wheels, brakes, etc.) according to the rider's height: for example, a height of 1m70 to 1m75 corresponds to one model of bike, then from 1m75 to 1m80 the size of the same model of bike changes, ditto for a rider's height from 1m80 to 1m85, etc. The rider's height serves as the main guide for determining the size of the bike, as there is a direct relationship between these two sizes and the rider's comfort.

Secondly, the feeling of safety should be able to convince the rider that he or she has found the right power-assisted bicycle. To be convinced of this, it is necessary to try the bike. Safety must be accompanied by comfort (sitting on the saddle, good leg travel, intuitive balance, linear gearing, etc.).

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What the bike should offer the owner or user

Once the user has determined his or her needs, he or she will work with the professional to fine-tune the details related to his or her morphology (height, weight, balance), as well as his or her relationship with the bicycles tested (feeling of safety, seating and pedaling comfort, etc.). Thus, the professional will be able to guide him/her towards the appropriate electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) according to the program he/she is looking for.

Some brands of electrically assisted bicycles for men offer options and accessories (depending on the range chosen) that allow them to reinforce the quality of their offer beyond the basic characteristics previously stated. Thus, more than an electrically assisted bicycle, it is a true discovery experience that is proposed.

  1. The battery autonomy can be different according to each use. It is important to remember that a greater autonomy requires a heavier battery and therefore more weight to carry. So sometimes, a shorter autonomy, but meeting a well identified need is an asset.
  2. The smart bike or connected bike offers multiple possibilities and accessories related to performance, power, but also to the safety and comfort of the user (fall detection, GPS alarm, guidance, pollution sensor, etc.).
  3. The speeds developed for electrically assisted bicycles are regulated by law and all bicycles sold in France comply with the regulations in force. Speed sensors contribute to the safety of the cyclist.
  4. The quality of the motor of a top-of-the-line electric bicycle allows a smooth and linear power that does not surprise the cyclist.
  5. The design of an electric bike is important, because it must convey a modern, design, uncluttered and eco-responsible image.

Beyond the qualities of the bike, the manufacturer can offer a set of high-end services that secure the purchase, but also the use of an electric bike for men:

  • a dedicated assistance to the customers which allows a fast intervention;
  • a maintenance schedule carried out by the manufacturer's teams and guaranteeing the quality of the service;
  • some manufacturers even offer to replace the electric bicycle in case of theft (under certain conditions);
  • etc.

Such provisions make it possible to acquire an electrically assisted bicycle for men with peace of mind. You should not hesitate to approach several manufacturers, ask them questions, try out the bikes, etc.

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