4 reasons to choose a French electric bike

The electric bike market is evolving rapidly and France is now one of the European leaders, with a very significant growth in electric bike sales since 2020. If there are many criteria for choosing an electric bike, the origin is one of them. A large part of French people who decide to adopt an electric bike do so for ethical reasons, and the "made in France" brand is progressively gaining a place in the market.

In this guide, we will talk about the good reasons to opt for a French electric bike rather than another one. We will explain the consequences that the purchase of a French EAB can have on the national economy, on jobs in France and on the quality of the assistance. To help our readers make their choice, we will finish by naming the main French electric bike brands and what they offer.

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Choosing a French electric bike to support the economy

Choosing to replace your short car trips with electric bikes is already a very good gesture. But by choosing a VAE from a French brand, you support the national economy. According to an IFOP survey, "Made in France" is for 93% of French people a way to support the country's companies.

It should be remembered that buying an electric bike from a French company does not mean that the bike is completely made in France. To get the label "Made in France", a bike only needs to be assembled in France. Indeed, the electric bike needs about a hundred parts to be assembled, so it is almost impossible that it is 100% French. It is then the responsibility of each individual to find out more in order to choose a brand that is committed to quality, innovation and the environment.

The State gives a helping hand and proposes aids and bonuses for an electric bicycle. The amount depends on the income of the household and the type of bike purchased. This is a way to encourage national production in order to strengthen the bicycle industry in France.

Choosing a French electric bicycle to preserve jobs in France

Naturally, supporting the local economy by deciding to buy a French electric bicycle leads to the perpetuation of jobs in France. Based on the Shift Project, it has been estimated that the bicycle industry could generate 47,500 direct jobs in France in 2050. Here are some explanations.

Support for all cycle professions

If the price of an electric bicycle is generally higher if it is French, it is because people are employed in France. The companies decide not to exploit the workforce as it can be the case in some foreign countries. Such a purchase helps to sustain jobs in various categories, including:

  • jobs in bicycle production ;
  • sales and consulting jobs; and
  • Repair jobs;
  • jobs in building infrastructure and dedicated spaces.

The number ofemployees in France is still well below its European competitors such as Germany, Italy and Poland, which are all in the 5,000-6,000 employee category. France, on the other hand, has 1,800-2,500 employees. Choosing a French electric bicycle is therefore a way to increase the number of employees, but it also helps to create new national companies.

The creation of new jobs

The electric bicycle creates jobs. This market is extremely innovative: it develops new electronic and technological systems, making it possible to offer connected solutions. Connected e-bikes therefore have a strong impact on job creation. In parallel with the development of new electric bicycles, new products and services are also appearing around the electric bicycle, whether it be insurance, equipment, accessories or maintenance. Faced with the challenges of the ecological transition in the coming years, new professions will emerge to meet the needs of the sector.

Choose a French electric bike for a better quality assistance

French brands offer high-end electric bikes with innovative features. With these innovative and practical solutions, the French electric bike offers the cyclist a remarkable quality of assistance. Built with high quality materials, the price of French electric bikes can quickly exceed 3,000 €. But by opting for a smart bike made in France, one also opts for high quality customer support.

Indeed, French companies stand out by committing themselves to customer satisfaction. They offer accessible assistance, available in several languages and on several communication channels (e-mail, telephone and online chat). Some French brands also offer online tutorials and guides, helping customers at any time. To have access to such an accessible and qualitative customer service, it is advisable to choose the French ebike rather than a product from a Chinese brand, for example.

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Choosing an electric bike among French brands

The electric bike market is expanding rapidly in France. Some brands are already well established and very popular with the French, others are emerging and are particularly innovative. Here are the main French smart bike brands.

The electric bike Angell Bike

Angell is a real reference in terms of high-end electric bikes. If it is not within everyone's reach, with its price going up to 2,700 euros, it appeals a lot to the French, especially because :

  • it has an elegant design
  • it is light;
  • it has a good autonomy;
  • it is equipped with anti-puncture tires;
  • it has a hydraulic brake system;
  • It promises a high level of safety thanks to its anti-fall detector and anti-theft alarm;
  • it has a 2.4 inch color touch screen where the rider can manage settings such as speeds, assistance mode, health data, and see important information such as remaining range.

All these features and functionalities make the Angell Bike a reference in high-end smart bikes.

The Moustache Bike

Founded in 2011, Moustache Bike now offers about 60 models, covering most uses, from city to mountain bike to road. The company even offers models for children and a tandem model. You can find a model for almost any use. This brand, too, offers high-end products designed with high-tech components. They are known for their battery life, their vibration filtration system and their folding handlebars that make the bike easier to store. This French company is particularly committed to the environment and offers recycled batteries.

The Reine Bike electric bike

Reine Bike was created in 2019 and is one of the new innovative start-ups. Its founders immediately wanted to stand out from the competition by offering a device with several features. In addition to being equipped with a connected handlebar, the French electric bike Reine Bike is also equipped with a geolocation of the bike on a map, a suspicious movement detector with alert and an alarm. The cyclist also has the option of blocking the electric assistance and the motor.

The Iweech electric bike

The Iweek electric bike is designed and manufactured in Marseille. The objective of the founders of this French company is to offer electric bikes accessible to all with models that are not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly. The battery of their electric bike has a great autonomy - up to 230 km - and an important motor power. The models are available in several sizes, so that they are accessible to cyclists of all body types.

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