How to test an electric bike before buying it online?

You wish to acquire an electric bicycle for a more ecological mobility? The purchase of an electric bike can easily be done on the internet and in a few clicks. However, the acquisition of such a device represents an important investment. Whether you choose a new or used bike, it is necessary to take the time to think about it in order to make the right choice.

How to test an electric bike before ordering on the web? Why should you try an electric bike before buying it? Discover the different ways to evaluate an electric bike before paying online as well as the important criteria to check to select a quality EAB.

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What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is a classic bike with an electric motor added to assist the pedaling of its owner. Economical and ecological, the electric bike (called electric assistance bike) allows to accompany the city dwellers and the sportsmen in their displacements in town or in the countryside.

An electric bike is more powerful than a conventional bicycle, but not as fast as a motorized scooter. It is suitable for people who want an ecological and silent mode of transportation for trips around their home or during sports outings.

What are the advantages of an electric bike?

Owning an electric bike has several advantages:

  • getting around in an environmentally friendly way;
  • to save a lot of money;
  • park more easily in the city;
  • make faster trips than with a car or public transport;
  • enjoy a moment of freedom without physical effort;
  • keep in shape more easily than with a conventional bicycle.

Getting around town with an electric bike is a great way to enjoy financial comfort while being environmentally friendly.

Why is it important to try an electric bike before buying?

It is always possible to get a lot of information about electric bikes online. However, it can be interesting to try several models of electric bikes before making a final decision on the web.

Trying an electric bike allows you to get a feel for how it feels when you are on it. You will be able to evaluate the available functionalities in real time. You will be able to check the quality of the materials of your future electric bike while validating your riding comfort.

Electric bike: how to test it when you buy on the internet?

You want to check an electric bike before validating your online purchase? Find out what solutions are available to you to try out the EAB models available on the market.

Try an electric bike in store

It is possible to go directly to a specialized store to test an electric bike before buying. This is the easiest way to see the quality of your electric bike before investing.

To test an electric bike in a shop, nothing could be easier.

  1. Go to a specialized sports store near you.
  2. Ask for information from a sales consultant available on site.
  3. Specify the criteria that are important to you in choosing your electric bike.
  4. Test one or more electric bikes for a short period of time (e.g. one hour).
  5. Return the electric bike after the test ride.
  6. Ask your questions to the experts and advisors present in the store.

The electric bike trial service in store is always free and without obligation. Do not hesitate to ask for all the necessary information as well as the technical data sheets of the different bikes used in order to make your purchase with peace of mind afterwards.

Turn to a second-hand electric bike to try it out without making a definitive commitment

The used bike market is an excellent way to try out an electric bike before buying it. Most used bike dealers will be willing to let you test their bikes before selling them.

As with a store advisor, don't hesitate to ask the used bike dealer any questions you may have to get the right advice.

Individuals who are passionate about electric bikes will be happy to help you choose an electric bike by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the model they offer for sale.

Test an electric bike by renting before buying

Do you want to have an electric bike for a longer period of time? Turn to renting an electric bike to get the most out of a model before you buy it.

It is now possible to enjoy an electrically assisted bicycle for several months without buying it. All you have to do is sign a rental contract. As with a standard vehicle, renting an electric bike offers the opportunity to try out a model of your choice without risk. With a rental, you can enjoy the benefits of an electric bike as if it were already yours.

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The 6 criteria to check before buying an electric bike on the internet

Check the price of your future electric bike

The price is a decisive element in the selection of your future electric bike. Very often, good quality electric bikes are not sold for less than 2000 euros. If the price is lower, it is usually due to compromises in the accessories available or the power of the electric motor installed on the device.

Choosing an electric bike adapted to your use

To choose an electric bike, it is important to ask yourself what use you want to make of it.

  1. City use: choose a compact and light electric bike.
  2. All-terrain use: focus on a model with wheels adapted to all types of surfaces.
  3. All-terrain use: choose an electric bike with large wheels and a long battery life.

Depending on your needs, you will buy an electric bike model that meets different criteria.

Choosing the right type of electric assist for your needs

There are two types ofelectric assistances on the current bikes:

  • electric bikes with an effort sensor;
  • bikes with a rotation sensor.

EABs with an effort sensor are equipped with a motor that reacts according to the effort you exert on the pedals. On the other hand, EABs with a rotation sensor are equipped with a motor that is activated as soon as you start pedaling.

Choosing an electric bike based on your riding position

Your riding position also influences the purchase of your new or used electric bicycle. Indeed, the shape of the frame allows two different types of driving:

  • upright riding (the most classic and comfortable) ;
  • sporty riding (leaning like on a racing bike).

Depending on what you want to do, it is important to choose an electric bike that has a frame that fits your needs.

Choosing an electric bike based on your size

There is no point in buying an electric bike on the internet that does not fit you. It is therefore essential to verify this information before ordering.

Know the accessories that come with your electric bike before you buy

Finally, theequipment sold with your electric bike can give it a whole new dimension. Does the model of your choice include a luggage rack? Does it include a kickstand and lights connected to the battery? All of this will influence the price of your device and determine your purchase.

There are many ways to test an electric bike before you buy. Several information are available online to check the quality of your future EAB before ordering. Take into account these criteria to invest wisely in your future ecological mobility solution.

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