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Versatile and fully equipped,
focus on your desires
and rely on it for the rest.

Just like in your dreams. Only better.

Whether you're commuting, shopping or playing, Cruiser is fun and comfortable in any situation. With its relaxed riding position and integrated features, Cruiser is our most versatile bike.

Two frames, one experience

Versatility, safety, ease, reinvent your daily life with Cruiser.

Over-equipped for the city

Kickstand, mudguard, rear luggage rack, comfort wheels, Cruiser adapts to your desires and your environment.

A removable battery, new generation

Compact, removable, our battery is easily transportable and you can recharge it wherever you are. It ensures your safety thanks to its integrated brake lights and indicators. Thanks to its embedded software we can improve its performance for your next trips.


2h full charge

turn signals

Embedded intelligence

Ease of use enhanced with new features. Our products are intuitively simple to use and benefit from a wide range of integrated digital functionalities supported by a constantly evolving application.

An evolving experience
Always optimized performance. On-board technology is based on our design and software. Regular updates via your smartphone will give you access to new digital features and improve your safety, as well as that of your smart bike.

The power of Angell, always at your fingertips.

Son écran tactile 2,4” haute lisibilité est totalement personnalisable : vitesse, indice de pollution, niveau de batterie, GPS, calories ou encore assistance électrique. Grâce à son feu avant hyperbolique et ses clignotants, vous n’avez jamais été autant en sécurité. Restez concentré sur la route à l'aide des poignées qui vous indiquent votre direction. Un logiciel embarqué mis à jour en permanence vous permet d’utiliser votre smart bike sans smartphone et même sans batterie.

4 driving modes | 3 levels of electric assistance.

Agile and smooth

Your driving will be fluid and effortless thanks to the automatic assistance that adapts to your way of driving and assists you up to 25km/h.


With its multiple sensors, Angell recognizes the terrain on which it is located to calibrate the best assistance to accompany you.

The assistance you choose when you want to save your battery. It helps you go further without spending too much.

The power to get you to your destination without spending too much money.

The assistance that gives you wings. One push and you're going at 25km/h.


Your safety, our duty.
Your bike's security, our priority.
Your bike's security, our priority.
Visual and audible alarms, automatic locking and geolocation monitoring will keep your bike safe. Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft with the Angell Back Guarantee.
Angell S Rapide Green - Vélo électrique dynamique - Back light

Turn signals

Indicate your direction with the turn signals on the cockpit and on the battery.


If your bike is moved without your knowledge, a high intensity audible and visual alarm will sound.

Angell Back

A two-year warranty is included. Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft.

An exceptional frame
Revolutionary design for unbeatable agility. Angell smartbikes have clean, curved lines by Ora Ito. The aluminum frame is clean and simple, with no visible welds, using an innovative technique from the automotive and aerospace industries. Angell frames are made of 2mm thick aluminum, compared to the average 5mm or 6mm thickness in the bicycle industry. Lightweight, live your freedom in all lightness.

Technological craftsmanship

Our bikes are made where the expertise is strongest and close to where we sell them.

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Model S Cruiser M Cruiser
2.990,00 € 2.990,00 €
position Relaxed Relaxed
Rider Size 1m55 - 1m75 1m65 - 1m90
Weight 18.1 kg - with battery and accessories 18.6 kg - with battery and accessories
Handlebar Curved Curved
Tyres 650 x 42B 650 x 42B
Saddle Royal seat Royal seat
Included accessories

Kickstand, mudguards, rear luggage rack

Kickstand, mudguards, rear luggage rack

Compatible accessories

Front basket, front luggage rack

Front basket, front luggage rack

Caractéristiques complètes
Caractéristiques complètes

Our services

Our teams are at your side at every stage.

Individualized test

Find a 30mn test drive near you with on of our ambassadors

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Angell Back

So safe that it is replaced in case of theft.

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Dedicated assistance

Our specialists are at your disposal to provide you with a quick and personalised solution to any problem.

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