Want to join the adventure?

We need you to accelerate the change of mobility in cities.

Become an ambassador

You want to meet interesting people and introduce them to the bike of the future, you want to participate in a project that will change the daily life in our cities, but above all you have time to devote to us and you are highly motivated. You'll love representing Angell so don't waste any more time and apply here.

Become a guardian

What's behind that funny name? The Guardians are specialists of our bike, trained and equipped to deal with any eventuality. It deserved a dedicated name, reminding us of the constant attention of a guardian angel. Do you already know how to repair a bike? Do you have a sense of service? You have time to devote to this activity? Here's how to apply.

Situ wants to apply for a job as a mobile guardian from city to city, more info here