How to choose the display or the console of your electric bike?

The electric bicycle has become a very popular means of transportation because of its practicality and its many advantages. To take full advantage of the features of an electric bicycle, it is essential to know the display or console, which is one of the most important comfort and safety accessories. On this page we will show you the different features and options that this display offers, as well as some tips on how to get the most out of it.

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The main functions of an electric bike display

The console of an electric bicycle is a key element that allows the cyclist to have access to all the information necessary to adapt his driving to the conditions encountered. Here are the main data that a display can indicate:

  • Current speed: this is usually expressed in kilometers per hour (km/h) and ensures that you are complying with the speed limits in force on the route you are riding.
  • Battery charge level: this information is crucial to avoid running out of energy during a trip. It is often represented by a gauge or a battery icon.
  • Assistance mode: Most electric bikes offer several levels of assistance to adapt to the efforts made by the cyclist. The display indicates whether you are in eco, normal or sport mode, for example.
  • Distance traveled: this is usually displayed in kilometers and allows you to follow the progress of a trip or to count the distances traveled over a given period.
  • Remaining range: expressed in kilometers, this data estimates the number of kilometers that can still be covered before the battery is empty.

Additional options of an electric bike console

In addition to the basic information mentioned above, some electric bike displays also offer advanced options to customize your riding experience. For example:

  • Lighting: the display often allows you to manage the turning on and off of the bike's headlights, ensuring optimal visibility in all circumstances.
  • Connectivity: some consoles are equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities, allowing you to connect your smartphone to your electric bike to benefit from dedicated applications, such as personalized routes or performance statistics.
  • Riding modes: in addition to the standard assistance levels, some electric bikes offer specific modes to adapt to particular situations, such as riding in the mountains or in the rain.
  • Comfort settings: depending on the display model, it may be possible to adjust the sensitivity of the force or speed sensors to adjust the electric assistance to your preferences.

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The different types of displays for electric bikes

There are several types of displays on the market, each offering a different user experience. These include:

  • The LCD screen: it offers a clear and readable display, even in direct sunlight. The information is usually presented in the form of text and numbers, sometimes with some icons to facilitate understanding.
  • The LED screen: simpler than the LCD screen, it is often content to indicate the essential data using LEDs. Its main advantage is its low energy consumption.
  • The touch screen: it allows intuitive navigation between the various options and settings of the electric bike. However, it may not be as easy to use when wearing gloves or in the rain.

How to choose the right display for your needs?

To choose the right display for your electric bicycle, it is important to take into account your riding habits and your expectations in terms of functionality. If you are an occasional cyclist who uses his bike mainly for short trips in the city, a basic LED display may be sufficient. But if you're a long-distance rider or want advanced features, an LCD or touchscreen is more appropriate.

Some tips on how to use your electric bike display

To take full advantage of the features offered by your display, here are some tips:

  • Read the instructions carefully: each display model has its own specificities, so it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different controls and options available to optimize its use.
  • Adjust the screen lighting: some displays allow you to adjust the brightness or contrast of the screen to ensure optimal visibility in all circumstances.
  • Update the firmware: If your console has Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, be sure to check regularly for system updates that can improve or fix bugs.
  • Payattention to battery life: don't hesitate to reduce the screen brightness or disable some power-hungry options if you're worried about running out of battery during a trip.

In conclusion, the display of an electric bicycle is an essential tool that allows you to take full advantage of the various features offered by this type of vehicle. By knowing the different types of displays and learning how to use them correctly, every cyclist will be able to get the most out of their cycling experience.

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