Our vision

Cities are mobilizing to accelerate their ecological transition.
Angell wants to contribute to this momentum by creating the best urban mobility solution around a new proposal, which takes into account the two main resistances to use: active safety of the rider and protection against theft.


A revolutionary design for unbeatable agility.
Angell smartbikes have clean, curved lines by Ora Ito.
The aluminum frame is clean and simple, with no visible welds, thanks to an innovative technique used in the automotive and aeronautical industries. Angell frames are made of 2mm thick aluminum, compared to an average of 5 or 6mm in the bicycle industry. Lightweight, live your freedom in all lightness.
Un design révolutionnaire au service d'une agilité imbattable.
Les smartbikes Angell affichent des lignes franches et courbées signées Ora ïto.
Epuré, en phase avec sa philosophie « la simplexité ", le cadre en aluminium ne présente aucune soudure apparente car façonné grâce à une technique novatrice utilisée par les industries automobiles et aéronautiques. 2mm d'épaisseur d'aluminium composent les cadres Angell contre 5 ou 6mm en moyenne dans l'univers du cycle. Allégé, vivez votre liberté en toute légèreté.



Your safety, our duty. Your bike's security, our priority.
Your bike's security, our priority.
Visual and audible alarms, automatic locking and geolocation monitoring will keep your bike safe. Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft with the Angell Back Guarantee.
Angell S Rapide Green - Vélo électrique dynamique - Back light

Turn signals

Indicate your direction with the turn signals on the cockpit and on the battery.


If your bike is moved without your knowledge, a high intensity audible and visual alarm will sound.

Angell Back

A two-year warranty is included. Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft.

Industrial craftsmanship

Angell smartbikes are made where the expertise is strongest and close to where they are sold.

"Data Valley" in Labège

Near Toulouse, France, the developers design the electronic cards and all the mobile applications that make the bike work. GPS navigation, performance calculation, bike unlocking, anti-theft system... nearly fifteen developers work on the code behind Angell's many functions.

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Painting in Rochefort

Once the parts are assembled, the bike passes through the hands of Satys, a specialist in industrial painting. A hand-applied automotive paint, in 3 layers.

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Is-sur-Tille near Dijon

It is at Seb, in Is-sur-Tille, that Angell finishes its tour of France. Combining Angell's cutting-edge technology with a big name in French industry. The world-renowned household appliance giant brings all its expertise and has dedicated an entire workshop to the assembly of Angell bikes.

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Our products are intuitively simple to use. They benefit from a wide range of integrated digital features, which are supported by a constantly evolving application.

Locking/unlocking your bike
Bike settings (alarm, comodos, lights, etc.) and battery info
Complete summary of your activities (speed, distance, elevation gain and soon CO2 saved)

Permanent location of your bike
GPS guidance with favorite addresses
Strava, Apple Music & Spotify connection


Always optimized performance. On-board technology is based on our design and software. Regular updates via your smartphone will give you access to new digital features and improve your safety, as well as that of your smartbike.

Locking/unlocking with PIN code

Angell smartbikes are standalone; you don't need your phone to unlock it, thanks to the ability to enter your pin code directly on the cockpit touch screen. Stay focused on your ride; all the information you need is at your fingertips on the cockpit touchscreen.

3 levels of assistance

to get you to your destination effortlessly and at your own pace


Internal battery of the bike allowing its localization in real time to monitor it permanently.

Anti-theft alarm

Sound, visual and high intensity, the alarm is triggered as soon as your bike is handled by someone other than you. A particularly dissuasive feature for those with ill-intentioned envy.


Turn signals, brake lights and parking lights. Present at the front and rear, other road users are warned of your changes of direction and your slowing down. You are visible on the road day and night. Drive safely.

Angell & you

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Benefits of cycling
Testimony of Dr. Paul Pittaluga
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Angell's vision and mission

Angell was born of a mission: to revolutionize urban mobility by creating the most innovative and stylish electric bikes on the market. Founded by a group of passionate and visionary entrepreneurs, Angell stands out for its commitment to quality, design and sustainable technology.

Angell's mission? To create the world's smartest and most desirable electric bicycle. Angell is committed to reducing the urban carbon footprint, promoting active lifestyles and redefining mobility in the city through solutions that are both innovative and stylish.

Innovation and technology

Angell is synonymous with innovation. From ultra-light aluminum frames to integrated touch screens, every element of an Angell bike is designed for excellence. SmartBike technology, including real-time performance tracking and automatic software updates, reflects the brand's dedication to staying at the forefront of technological progress.

Design and durability

In addition to their cutting-edge technology, Angell bikes are distinguished by their sleek design and commitment to sustainability. Each component is selected not only for its performance and durability, but also for its environmental impact, favoring recyclable materials and partnerships with responsible suppliers.

The Angell user experience

The Angell user experience is second to none. From the personalized purchasing process to the dedicated customer support, Angell ensures that every interaction is as smooth and enjoyable as the ride on their bikes. With the Angell app, users can not only monitor their performance but also access exclusive services.

Community and social involvement

Angell doesn't just sell bikes; the brand is actively involved in creating a community of passionate cyclists. It is also committed to social initiatives, working with cities and non-profit organizations to promote a more sustainable and healthier future for all.

Exclusive Angell services: unwavering customer commitment

Every service we offer is another brick in the edifice of trust we build with our customers. Angell is committed to being more than just a supplier of electric bikes; we are your mobility partner, dedicated to enriching your urban life with exceptional experiences.

Individualized trial: your first steps at Angell

The Angell experience begins with a one-on-one trial, designed to familiarize you with the essence of our bikes. During this 30-minute session, one of our dedicated ambassadors accompanies you, allowing you to discover the fluidity, power and elegance that define every Angell bike.

This is your time to ask questions, feel the comfort and handling of our models, and see how an Angell electric bike can transform your daily commute.

Angell Back: our safety promise

We're so confident in the security of our bikes that we've set up the Angell Back program. If your bike is stolen, we promise to replace it, demonstrating our confidence not only in the sturdiness of our bikes, but also in our commitment to your peace of mind. This promise underlines our determination to offer not only a quality product, but complete peace of mind.

Dedicated assistance: expert, personalized support

The relationship we forge with our customers doesn't end with the sale of a bike; it grows stronger with every interaction. Our dedicated assistance is the expression of this ongoing commitment. Qualified specialists are on hand to provide fast, personalized solutions to any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need regular maintenance or advice on how to use your bike, our team will ensure that your Angell experience is always as smooth and enjoyable as your bike rides.

History and evolution of the electric bike: the urban revolution

The electric bike is not a recent invention, but its popularity has exploded over the last few decades. From the primitive models of the early 20th century to today's technological gems, the evolution of the electric bike has been marked by significant advances in performance, autonomy and technological integration.

Electric bikes and climate change

Faced with the urgency of climate change, electric bikes are more than just a convenience; they have become an essential tool in the fight against climate change. By offering a clean alternative to combustion-powered vehicles, electric bikes reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help improve urban air quality.

Electric bikes beyond the city

While electric bikes are often associated with urban planning, their impact extends far beyond cities. They open up opportunities in rural areas, facilitating access to services and contributing to equal mobility opportunities.

Statistics and market trends

Statistics bear witness to the explosive growth of the e-bike market. With forecasts indicating a steady increase in demand, Angell is positioning itself as a leader that is not only meeting a market need but also shaping the future of ecomobility.

Legislation and urban infrastructure

Changes in legislation and the development of suitable infrastructure are closely following the rise in popularity of electric bikes. From dedicated bike lanes to tax incentives, each new measure reaffirms the central role of electric bikes in sustainable urban mobility.

The 5 main advantages of Angell electric bikes

Angell electric bikes transcend established norms, setting new standards for the industry with exceptional features. Discover the five distinctive elements that put Angell bikes in a class of their own.

  • Innovations for safety and comfort

Angell e-bikes are equipped with innovative safety features, such as integrated LED lightsregenerative brakes and a geolocation system to prevent theft. What's more, comfort is not forgotten, with ergonomic saddles and suspension systems that make long journeys as pleasant as those in the city.

  • Flexibility and urban adaptability

Angell e-bikes offer unrivalled flexibility in the modern urban landscape. They are designed to be light and maneuverable, allowing riders to navigate traffic with ease, take shortcuts and enjoy the ability to park virtually anywhere.

  • Savings and ecological benefits

By opting for an Angell electric bike, users benefit from significant savings in terms of fuel, parking and maintenance costs compared to a car. What's more, they help reduce noise and air pollution, improving quality of life in urban areas.

  • Customizable electric assistance

With adjustable electric assistance modes, cyclists can customize their riding experience to suit their personal preferences or the demands of their journey, whether it's minimal assistance to stay active or maximum assistance to get to their destination without breaking a sweat.

  • Angell's commitment: service and guarantees

Angell is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, with services such as individualized testing, a flight replacement program (Angell Back), and dedicated customer support. These services underline Angell's commitment to user satisfaction and peace of mind.

Angell's electric bike ranges: performance and style

At Angell, we understand that each cyclist's uniqueness is reflected in his or her preferences and lifestyle. That's why we've developed three specific series of electric bikes: Mini x Angell, Cruisers and the Rapide series. Each is designed to meet specific needs, offering customized options in terms of aesthetics, dynamism and ergonomic comfort.

MINI x Angell: incomparable style

With the Ocean Wave Green and Vibrant Silver models, the MINI x Angell collaboration combines exceptional design with uncompromising urban performance. These bikes aren't just a means of transport; they're a way of life and an ecological conscience.

Angell Cruisers: comfort and elegance

Angell Cruisers S and M represent the perfect balance between comfort and urban elegance. They are designed for those who want to combine the relaxation of a bike ride with the speed and efficiency of an electric vehicle, all wrapped up in a sleek design.

Angell Rapide: for urban adventurers

The Rapide S and M models are for urban cyclists who don't want to choose between speed and practicality. These bikes are the epitome of performance, making it possible to weave through the city with agility and confidence, without ever sacrificing style or comfort.

The revolutionary collaboration: Angell x Mini

Angell has fused its vision of electric mobility with Mini's iconic aesthetic to create a range of revolutionary electric bikes. This collaboration combines Mini's expertise in automotive design with Angell's technological innovation to reinvent the urban riding experience.

Exclusive design and features

The bikes produced by the Angell x Mini collaboration boast distinctive designs and exclusive features that reflect Mini's heritage and Angell's avant-garde approach. The choice of premium materials, unique colors such as Ocean Wave Green and Vibrant Silver, and meticulous finishing make each bike a technological work of art.

Integrated technology and connectivity

The integration of Angell's smart bike technology with Mini's intuitive user interface creates a perfect symbiosis, offering an unprecedented riding experience. Touch screens, intelligent navigation systems and smartphone connectivity are just some of the features that define this range of bikes.

Durability and performance

Durability is at the heart of Angell's collaboration with Mini. Each bike is built to last, with long-lasting batteries, efficient motors, and sturdy frames that withstand the rigors of everyday city use, while delivering optimum performance.

A shared vision of ecomobility

Angell and Mini share a common vision of the future of mobility: mobility that is sustainable, accessible and stylish. Their collaboration is a step towards this future, offering electric bikes that are not only beneficial to the environment but also a pleasure to ride.