Our vision

Cities are mobilizing to accelerate their ecological transition.
Angell wants to contribute to this momentum by creating the best urban mobility solution around a new proposal, which takes into account the two main resistances to use: active safety of the rider and protection against theft.


A revolutionary design for unbeatable agility.
Angell smartbikes have clean, curved lines by Ora Ito.
The aluminum frame is clean and simple, with no visible welds, thanks to an innovative technique used in the automotive and aeronautical industries. Angell frames are made of 2mm thick aluminum, compared to an average of 5 or 6mm in the bicycle industry. Lightweight, live your freedom in all lightness.
Un design révolutionnaire au service d'une agilité imbattable.
Les smartbikes Angell affichent des lignes franches et courbées signées Ora ïto.
Epuré, en phase avec sa philosophie « la simplexité ", le cadre en aluminium ne présente aucune soudure apparente car façonné grâce à une technique novatrice utilisée par les industries automobiles et aéronautiques. 2mm d'épaisseur d'aluminium composent les cadres Angell contre 5 ou 6mm en moyenne dans l'univers du cycle. Allégé, vivez votre liberté en toute légèreté.



Your safety, our duty. Your bike's security, our priority
Your bike's security, our priority.
Visual and audible alarms, automatic locking and geolocation monitoring will keep your bike safe. Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft with the Angell Back warranty.
Angell S Rapide Green - Vélo électrique dynamique - Back light

Turn signals

Indicate your direction with the turn signals on the cockpit and on the battery.


If your bike is moved without your knowledge, a high intensity audible and visual alarm will sound.

Angell Back

A two-year warranty is included. Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft.

Industrial craftsmanship

Angell smartbikes are made where the expertise is strongest, and close to where they are sold.

"Data Valley" in Labège

Near Toulouse, France, the developers design the electronic cards and all the mobile applications that make the bike work. GPS navigation, performance calculation, bike unlocking, anti-theft system... nearly fifteen developers work on the code behind Angell's many functions.

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Painting in Rochefort

Once the parts are assembled, the bike passes through the hands of Satys, a specialist in industrial painting. A hand-applied automotive paint, in 3 layers.

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Is-sur-Tille near Dijon

It is at Seb, in Is-sur-Tille, that Angell finishes its tour of France. Combining Angell's cutting-edge technology with a big name in French industry. The world-renowned household appliance giant brings all its expertise and has dedicated an entire workshop to the assembly of Angell bikes.

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Our products are intuitively simple to use. They benefit from a wide range of integrated digital features, which are supported by a constantly evolving application.

Locking/unlocking your bike
Bike settings (alarm, comodos, lights, etc.) and battery info
Complete summary of your activities (speed, distance, elevation gain and soon CO2 saved)

Permanent location of your bike
GPS guidance with favorite addresses
Strava, Apple Music & Spotify connection


A performance always optimized. The conception of the on-board technologies is based on our design and our softwares. Regular updates through your smartphone will give you access to new digital features and improve your safety, but also that of your smartbike.

Locking/unlocking with PIN code

Angell smartbikes are standalone; you don't need your phone to unlock it, thanks to the ability to enter your pin code directly on the cockpit touch screen. Stay focused on your ride; all the information you need is at your fingertips on the cockpit touchscreen.

3 levels of assistance

to get you to your destination effortlessly and at your own pace


Internal battery of the bike allowing its localization in real time to monitor it permanently.

Anti-theft alarm

Sound, visual and high intensity, the alarm is triggered as soon as your bike is handled by someone other than you. A particularly dissuasive feature for those with ill-intentioned envy.


Turn signals, brake lights and parking lights. Present at the front and rear, other road users are warned of your changes of direction and your slowing down. You are visible on the road day and night. Drive safely.

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