How to recharge an electric bike at home?

The electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) is now ubiquitous in urban areas. An ecological, dynamic and economical mode of transportation, it attracts new enthusiasts every day. As such, in 2024, the number of personal electric bicycles present on the French territory should be one million.

Although the EAB offers a range of advantages, it does require frequent recharging. However, this attraction, which could appear as a disadvantage, is not. If you ask yourself: where is it possible to recharge an electric bike? The answer is many: at a charging station, at a Bosch charging station, but also at home or at work. All you need is an electrical outlet. You want to buy an electric bike, but you wonder how to charge an electric bike at home, how to preserve the life of a battery and what the cost of a regular charge is? Here are some answers.

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How do I charge a battery?

Electric bike owners should keep in mind that charging is fundamental to the proper functioning of the bike. An efficient battery is a guarantee of great autonomy and therefore of easier travel. Before developing the issue of home charging, let's see how to feed the battery of an EAB. Note that this step differs depending on the type of bike and battery.

While most batteries are detachable from the bike, some models do not have a detachable battery and require a connection to the vehicle. In this case, all you have to do is find the entrance provided for this purpose. This is usually in the middle of the bike or behind the seat, but the location varies from model to model. Please note that it is important to always make sure to close the cap to protect the port to avoid any risk of damage (presence of dirt, weather, etc.).

In the case of a removable battery, simply detach it and connect it to the charger. The charger can then be easily plugged into a mains socket. To preserve the life of a battery, manufacturers recommend using the original charger.

How do I charge my bike at an electrical outlet?

The light of the bicycle becomes red, it is the sign that it is time to recharge it.

Nowadays, electrical objects are an integral part of everyone's life. Moreover, charging a tablet, a smartphone, a computer, even a connected watch, has become a habit. Although an electric bike is more imposing than these multiple everyday objects, the process is similar.

In the same way that you would take a charger to renew the autonomy of a phone, you just have to take the original charger of the electric bike battery and then recharge it.

In order to benefit from a high-performance equipment on the long term, it is strongly advised to :

  • let the battery cool down after use;
  • Charge the battery in an ambient temperature below 30°C;
  • charge the battery regularly (do not wait until it is completely discharged);
  • Ensure that the battery is recharged even if the bicycle is not used frequently;
  • Keep the bike out of the cold (tarp, bike room, etc.).

Indeed, these good habits directly affect the autonomy of an electric bicycle.

How to optimize the performance of a battery?

The autonomy of an EAB varies according to several factors. Indeed, the terrain, the outside temperature, the ambient temperature of the storage place, the riding style and the weight of the cyclist influence the autonomy and thus the performance of the bike.

Any battery will deteriorate over time, but it is possible to optimize its performance by using and charging it properly.

Perform an initial long charge

After purchase, it is advisable to carry out an initial charge of approximately 12 hours. This process will ensure that the battery is in optimal working condition when it leaves the factory.

Charging the battery frequently

The majority of electric bikes are powered by lithium-ion batteries. This type of equipment has a long life if it is charged regularly. In addition, it is not advisable to wait for the battery to be completely drained before recharging it, but to act when the bike shows a percentage of energy between 30 and 60%.

This type of vehicle is programmed to be ridden frequently. If the equipment is not used often enough, it can be damaged quickly.

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How long does a battery last?

The battery of an electric bicycle should be replaced on average every 5 years. However, this statement varies depending on the type of battery and its use.

When the question of acquiring an EAB arises, it is recommended to prefer equipment with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries are more economical and long-lasting, with an average of 1000 cycles. In the case of a nickel battery, this number is divided by two.

Note that the purchase price of a battery for an EV ranges from 200 € to 800 €.

How much does it cost to recharge an electric bicycle at home?

For some people, the financial aspect of regularly charging the battery may seem like a negative point. Nevertheless, let's remember that the use of an EAB is synonymous withsavings. Ideal mode of transportation in the city, in the suburbs as well as in the countryside, the EAB allows to cover long distances with ease. In fact, it can replace the private car, which is much more expensive.

In order to estimate the cost of recharging an electric bicycle, it is first necessary to know the capacity of its battery. To do this, simply refer to the instructions included with the bike, or ask the manufacturer.

The capacity of a battery is expressed in watt-hours (Wh) and the electricity in kilowatt-hours (kWh). To calculate the cost of a recharge, simply multiply the watt-hours by the current price of electricity (per kWh). As of March1, 2023, the price per kWh (including tax) at EDF is 0.174 € for a 6 kVA meter.

For example, to feed a 350 Wh battery costs approximately 60 cents (350 x 0.00174=0.609).

To summarize, charging a bike at home is very simple. To do this, the original charger and the presence of a plug are sufficient. In order to extend the life of a battery, it is strongly recommended to strictly apply the recommendations mentioned so far. This will ensure that the bicycle will function perfectly and for a long time.

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