Maintenance of a VAE : what are the points of vigilance ?

Propermaintenance of your electric bicycle is the best way to prolong its life and keep its original performance for as long as possible.

Regular cleaning after each ride, checking the brakes and tire pressure: good practices for routine maintenance of the electric bike should be adopted first.

However, the electric bicycle embeds more or less complex technologies that should also be monitored. Here is a closer look at the main points to be aware of when it comes to maintaining your electric bicycle.

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Maintaining the battery of an EAB

The battery is one of the most important elements of an electrically assisted bicycle. Without it, it is impossible to power the motor of the EAB and thus take advantage of the pedaling assistance that makes all the difference between an electric bike and a classic bike.

As for the battery of a smartphone, it is important to take care of the battery of an electric bike in order to preserve its capacities as well as its lifespan. To achieve this, several points of vigilance are to be taken into account concerning :

  • the cycles of recharging of the battery;
  • the cyclist's riding style;
  • the storage of the battery.

The charge level of the electric bicycle battery should ideally never fall below 30%. Like many lithium batteries, an EAB battery degrades more when it is used at low charge levels. This requires more energy and deteriorates the battery more quickly. However, the battery does not always have to be charged to its full capacity. Ideally, you should keep the charge level between 30 and 70% to preserve the battery of your electric bicycle as much as possible.

Good to know: if the EAB is not used, it is nevertheless advisable to recharge the battery at least once a month to avoid a complete discharge.

The riding style of the cyclist can also have a significant impact on the degradation of the battery. Too much use of the brakes or the pedal assist system can damage the battery. It is therefore recommended to adapt one's driving and to anticipate stops, climbs and descents. To do this, it is important to use the bike's gears and to adopt a smooth driving style in order to avoid emergency braking.

Finally, the storage of the battery is also an element of vigilance to keep in mind since the environment in which the battery is located can have an impact on its condition. It is therefore important to avoid leaving your electric bicycle too long in the sun or in the cold. Extreme temperatures are indeed harmful to the battery. Finally, the battery must be kept away from humidity and dust.

Points of vigilance for the maintenance of the motor of an electric bicycle

The second element to consider when maintaining an electric bicycle is the motor. Like the battery, the motor is an electronic component that operates independently of the mechanical part of the bike.

The motor is subject to its own safety standards and should not be tampered with by the user. It is therefore necessary to have the motor serviced by an authorized technician if necessary or as a precaution. The technician can check the tightness of the motor and detect any malfunctions by connecting a diagnostic tool to the EAB. The overhaul of an electric bicycle must imperatively be carried out by a professional approved by the motor manufacturer so that he can intervene by strictly following the manufacturer's recommendations while using the right tools.

If a motor part is defective, it is best to send it directly to the manufacturer for further diagnosis. Manufacturers have more advanced tools to provide solutions for breakdowns and other problems.

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Keeping the Control Software Up to Date

The electronic components of an electric bicycle require special attention when it comes to maintenance. In addition to the battery and motor, it is also important to regularly update the control management software of your EAB.

Many electrically assisted bicycles have a control unit that controls the pedaling assistance system. To improve the assistance or to bring solutions in case of dysfunction, the manufacturers of electric bikes bring updates to the software. These should be downloaded and installed directly on the control unit of the EAB.

Check the condition of the cables of your EAB

In order to ensure the proper functioning of all the electronic elements of an EAB, it is also important to pay attention to the condition of the cables of your electric bicycle. The battery of the EAB is connected to different cables that must be correctly connected to allow the proper functioning of the pedaling assistance system.

A good maintenance of your EAB must therefore include a regular check of the cables. They must not be cut or oxidized. In case of deterioration, it will be necessary to replace the cables in bad condition.

The points of vigilance at the time of the current maintenance of its VAE

If the electronic elements require a particular attention during the maintenance, it remains important not to neglect the routine maintenance of its EAB.

The good gestures to adopt are the following:

  • check regularly the good functioning of the brakes;
  • check the tire pressure;
  • check the tightness of the handlebars, the stem and the wheels;
  • oil the chain.

This part of the maintenance can be done directly by the cyclist and does not require the intervention of a professional. These good gestures must be carried out once or twice a month to preserve the good general state of the bike.

Finally, regular cleaning of your electric bicycle helps to preserve it by removing dust and dirt that may be lodged in important parts of the bike. The main points of vigilance during the cleaning concern the wheels, the brake discs, the rims and the transmission. Dirt stagnating on these various elements can damage the EAB and accelerate its wear. Cleaning must be done frequently, especially after rides in the woods or in the rain.

To clean an electric bicycle, it is advisable to use soapy water and not to use high pressure jets which could damage the electric elements of the EAB.

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