How to choose the right type of electric bike for your needs?

Choosing an electric bike is not easy because there are so many criteria to take into account. The motor, the battery, the type of tires or even the size of the frame are all technical characteristics to analyze in order to make the right choice.

But before looking at the technical elements of an electrically assisted bicycle (EAB), it is necessary to ask the right questions. Indeed, in order to choose an electric bike, it is necessary to ask the right questions.

This way, it will be really possible to find the type of EAB adapted to your needs.

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Choose your type of electric bike by determining your personal needs

Before buying an electric bicycle, the first step in choosing an EAB model is to determine your needs. There are many different types of electric bikes for different needs and uses.

To define your needs, several elements must be taken into account such as

  • the main environment of the cyclist (urban environment, countryside) ;
  • the frequency of use of the EAB (daily trips, occasional rides);
  • the main performances sought (speed, comfort, flexibility, etc.);
  • the distance that can be covered;
  • the profile of the cyclist (height, weight);
  • the load that can be carried (carrying a child, luggage rack, etc.).

The cyclist must be guided in his choice according to his main use. Thus, once the needs have been determined, they must be prioritized. Which needs are essential and which are less important? By asking yourself this type of question, it will be much easier to make your choice and to concentrate on a few truly indispensable criteria.

The different types of electric bikes according to your profile

After asking the right questions about the future use of his electric bike, the cyclist can make his choice according to the different models of electric bikes offered.

In addition to his physical profile (weight, height), three major elements can help determine the type of E-bike best suited to his needs: the frequency of use of the electric bicycle and the environment (sports, urban environment, walking, etc.) as well as lifestyle habits (transporting children, using other means of transportation, etc.).

Choosing the type of electric bicycle according to its frequency of use

It is first important to choose the type of electric bicycle according to the frequency of use. A user will not choose the same model of electric bike if he intends to use his bike for daily commuting or if he wishes to use an electric bike for weekend rides.

For intensive use, it is recommended to turn to robust electric bikes made with quality materials such as aluminum or better, carbon fiber. It will also be necessary to foresee a more consequent budget for this type of EAB.

Attention: the electric bike is practical and can be adapted to many types of trips, so future users often underestimate their future frequency of use.

Choosing the type of electric bicycle according to the environment

In addition to the frequency of use, the environment is also an important element to take into account when choosing a suitable type of EAB. Bicycle manufacturers offer different models depending on the type of road the cyclist rides on.

It is then possible to opt for :

  • an electric city bike that adapts to urban trips with thick tires and a powerful brake system;
  • an electric mountain bike that is very versatile since it can be used in the city and generally offers transport accessories (luggage rack, mudguard);
  • an electric mountain bike (mountain bike ) which is adapted to a sporting practice of the bicycle (cross-moutain, enduro, downhill mountain bike) mainly in countryside.

It is thus advisable to make a choice according to the type of environment most frequently encountered by the cyclist. In the city, it is above all the comfort and practicality of the bike that are important. If the routes involve a lot of climbing, it is recommended to choose an electric bike with a powerful motor. The autonomy of the battery of the electric bike will have an influence on the distance that can be covered with the help of the pedaling assistance.

Choosing an electric bike according to your lifestyle

There is one last element to take into account when choosing an electric bicycle: your lifestyle.

Certain important habits in the cyclist's life can have an importance on the choice of the EAB, and this, in particular for those who wish to be able to travel with their children. For example, it is possible to choose an electric cargo bike designed specifically for transporting children or heavy loads. Professionals wishing to travel by bike while bringing equipment can also find their happiness with this model of VAE.

People who use several types of transportation such as the train, the subway or the bus may be more interested in folding electric bikes. This type of EAB allows you to easily transport your bike on public transportation.

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Choosing a connected electric bike: the assurance of having a suitable model

Another possibility exists in order to take advantage of an electric bike that is truly adapted to your needs: the connected electric bike. This type of EAB offers the same functionalities as a classic electric bike, namely a pedaling assistance system. However, it also includes sensors and tools that allow you to customize your ride.

Thanks to features that can predict the best routes according to your desires (fastest route, sporty route, route with or without incline, etc.), it is possible to enjoy a virtually customized electric bike model. Many data can be programmed to adapt the electric bike to its user.

It is also important to know that it is possible to add connected functionalities to a classic electric bike. Thus, with a conversion kit, cyclists can improve the customization of their bike without having to buy a new EAB.

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