Get the right equipment

You need to be well equipped to ride safely in urban areas.
This applies to both the rider and the bike. Here are some tips for safe cycling.
A well-equipped cyclist is safer



We strongly recommend that you wear one and change it after each impact.

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Closca x Angell Helmet
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Protective clothing

We strongly encourage you to wear a long-sleeved, high-visibility jacket. 
To reduce the risk of serious injury, we also encourage you to wear trousers and closed shoes, preferably leather.

A well-maintained ebike

A well-equipped bike is one that is well maintained, has good lighting and has good quality basic accessories

A well-maintained bike will enable you to cope with the pitfalls you may encounter on the road.

The three things to look out for carefully are:

  • Correctly inflated tyres. Tyres should be inflated when cold. We recommend 4.5 bar for the M Rapide and M Cruiser. 3.5 bar for S Rapide and S Cruiser.
  • A regularly lubricated chain
  • Perfectly adjusted brakes. To ensure this, just follow a few steps:
    Turn the front wheel manually and check that there is no metallic noise. Check that the brake lever is not slack and that it returns to its original position.
  • Have your ebike serviced by our workshop or an authorised repairer every year

Good lighting

This is especially important when riding at night, otherwise you will not be visible to other drivers. Good lighting includes :

  • Reflectors: white at the front, red at the back and orange on the wheels.
  • Ebike lights: white at the front, and red at the back.
  • Reflective waistcoat: mandatory at night, and recommended during the day.
  • Reflective gloves: in addition to their protective qualities, they will help drivers read your changes of direction at night if you use your hands in addition to your indicators.

Essential accessories

A bell is mandatory and is present on Angell smartbikes. You can double up on the removable bell that came with your bike and place it on your handlebars.
Place it so that it can be used quickly and instinctively.

Mudguards and kickstands provide stability and comfort in all weathers. A "U" lock is also essential to secure your bike on a fixed point in town. We recommend the Kryptonite brand.

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Kryptonite Evolution
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